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Fiery comments made in the 1980’s appear to indicate that President Joe Biden thinks his son Hunter deserved jail time.

“If you have a piece of crack cocaine no bigger than this quarter that I’m holding in my hand, one quarter of one dollar, we passed the law … that says you’re caught with that you go to jail for five years,” then Senator Biden said in an unearthed video clip.

He was talking about the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, a bill he co-sponsored which expanded federal drug penalties and civil asset forfeitures.

“You get no probation, you get nothing other than five years in jail,” Biden said at the time. “Judge doesn’t have a choice under our forfeiture statutes. The government can take everything you own, everything from your car, to your house, your bank account. Not merely what they confiscate in terms of the dollars from the transaction that you just got caught engaging in, they can take everything.”

Biden’s son, Hunter, has a history of smoking crack. In fact, according to the New York Post, Hunter has boasted that he “smoked crack” as in college student with then-Washington, DC, Mayor Marion Barry.

“I don’t care why they become a sociopath we have an obligation to cordon them off from the rest of society,” Biden says in the video clip. “They are in jail away from my mother, your husband, our families. So I don’t want to ask what made them do this, they must be taken off the street.”

Extensive amounts of compromising video footage has been discovered from the laptop Hunter allegedly left in a Delaware computer shop two years ago, and has been made public by multiple media outlets.

The video circulating on social media has been edited to include footage of Hunter Biden on one side, with the old footage of his father speaking on the Senate floor on the other side of the screen.


BREAKING: Unearthed video shows naked Hunter Biden claiming Russians stole his laptop

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  1. I doubt joe remembers anything from 84.. But that bill was just to show how RACIST biden was.. It was directed at the black community… And it put thousands behind bars… He looks at Hunter n says HES A GOOD BOY…. HYPOCRISY OF JOE BIDEN


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