WATCH: ‘Ozempic face?’ Dr. Siegel warns of popular diabetes drug’s bizarre side effect

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It’s the weight loss drug people have dreamed of  – or is it?

Diabetes drugs like semaglutide and tirzepatide have taken the medical community by storm, helping to not only keep certain endocrine disorders at bay, but also by showing promising signs of appetite control, improved insulin sensitivity, and, with both, weight loss. But the miraculous effects of the TikTok-famous Ozempic injections come at a cost.

“I spoke with some dermatologists about this yesterday,” Dr. Siegel said of “Ozempic face,” a bizarre side effect reported in Ozempic patients who claim the drug is making them look older. “It’s an overuse of the drug to where you lose weight too quickly. The buccal mucosa – the fat – leaves your face, and you become gaunt looking.”

On Fox & Friends Weekend, Siegel warned that the side effect could possibly be irreversible, including sagging skin, an older appearance, and a “gaunt face.”

“It’s something that happens to us anyway as we get older,” he said.

Despite the insanely popular “weight loss” injections’ side effect, Dr. Siegel praised the drug.

“Ozempic is actually a great drug. It’s the first weight loss drug I’ve seen that I think really works. It actually improves insulin, it improves getting rid of sugar, it decreases hunger,” he explained.

The drug became popularized on TikTok because of its weight loss benefits, which has created shortages and sparked the debate surrounding whether patients should have off-label access to the drug.

Wegovy, another strong semaglutide injection and glucagon-like peptide agonist (GLP-1 agonist), was approved by the FDA since Ozempic’s spike in popularity.

Experts have also warned that the drug can cause vision changes, rare forms of thyroid tumors, gallbladder issues, and kidney problems.


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  1. But being obese is supposed to be celebrated! Using this drug is “fat shaming” if you want to lose weight. It’s sad that just like those suffering from bulimia, anorexia to be thin this drug is another way for people to kill themselves to be thin.
    Doctors tend to treat the illness not the cause and most people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions and their own health. People want a quick fix and something you hear a lot is “it won’t happen to me, I’m careful.” or “it’s just being exaggerated it not dangerous at all”. The worst part is we’ll never hear the real truth about this drug actually killing people that take it off label because drug companies want people to take it and they make money.

  2. I have been taking Ozempic for about a year. I have lost 15 or more pounds. I am diabetic and it has helped me more than any other drug. Since I have lost weight and I am 63, my face is not as unwrinkled as it once was. It is more about losing weight than anything else. Happens to every single older person that loses weight.

  3. I find it interesting that I can’t find pictures of “Ozempic face” on the Internet with a simple search. This doesn’t happen by accident.

    Drugs have effects. Not side effects. They all interfere with the bodies processes and in this case it causes premature aging of the face and probably other parts of the body. A much healthier option for diabetics and people frustrated by the health issues and downright daily inconveniences of carrying too much body weight… Is to deal with the causes. That typically means toxicity that interferes with a normal metabolism ( most people need a detox lifestyle and sometimes special detox interventions) and most importantly they need a diet that minimizes the sparking of insulin and allows the body to dip into something called “autophagy.“ You can accomplish that with fasting, ideally for 72 hours at a time: Your body stops thinking that it’s starving and start recycling the debris in your body, old scar tissue, fibrotic tissue, cancerous cells before they start replicating abnormally, infectious material, and it takes out the trash and uses the proteins to rebuild the body. In between fasting, a diet that helps you burn fat most of the time is going to be very low carb, moderate protein and high fat that is more saturated, ideally from animal fats. Plant fats oxidized to quickly and become damaging free radicals in the body. Exceptions are avocado and coconut, but they don’t have certain benefits of butter and animal fat. Everything we have been taught needs to be questioned, and a lot can be learned by the little details of how those “truths“ were influenced by money, business, greed. knowledgeable use of fasting (can be different for men versus women) is an amazing healing modality, and can make the difference between having a nice looking body after a big weight loss versus having sagging skin aprons hanging from your belly. dramatically reduces inflammation. Automatically lowers glucose and insulin. It’s not the only tool in the tool kit of healing, but it is an incredibly valuable one. People should learn the difference between the different types and When to implement the different types for one’s own particular situation.

    Your body knows what fasting is, and it is designed to function better when you use it. Your body doesn’t know what the heck to do with Ozempic and other drugs, hence the “side” effects.


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