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At least two California children were left sick after a clinic administered the wrong dose of the coronavirus vaccine to 14 kids.

“I’m here tonight to report my story because it’s unacceptable; you expect your medical professionals to give you correct doses,” parent Denise Iserloth told ABC7.

The article goes on to state the following:

Iserloth said she took her two children, ages eight and 11, to Sutter Health pediatric vaccine clinic in Antioch over the weekend, where they received 20 micrograms of dosage instead of the recommended 10.

Fourteen children who came to the clinic on Saturday were given the wrong dose of the vaccine.

In the hours following the shot, Iserloth said her oldest child fell down twice. The furious mother said she wasn’t notified of the mistake until 10 hours later. Meanwhile, her children both stayed home on Monday with bad stomach aches.

“I understand the mandate, I tried to comply with it, and my children now have been given a double dose and I don’t know the long-term side effects,” Iserloth told ABC7.

A doctor interviewed for the report said the parents shouldn’t “worry too much” because the side affects will “go away in a day or two.”

WATCH the interview in the video below:

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  1. And what are the long term effects, I think she should sue th ,sue the state ,sue anyone even close to this anti constitution mandate

  2. I’m upset that parents are not looking into what’s in those shots. People it’s LETHEL , damn do your research. Don’t go on what the devil fauci is telling you. Do your research, this is the beginning of getting the population reduced. Hello. It’s working.

  3. And bet ur ass if something does go terrible wrong, they will blame something other than the DOUBLE DOSE JAB… UNACCEPTABLE N UN FUKENBELEIVABLE

  4. Stupid parents to give experimental vax to your kids!!! 🤬
    They are not at risk!
    If Jofuckinbiden says give me your child you will just comply!!! Bunch of ignorant sheeps!
    Your children depends on you the parent to do whats in their best interest and you failed shame on you!
    You are def ready for communism!

  5. Why would you get your children vaxed period! This was bound to happen. Use your common sense. Do your research before subjecting your children to something that could effect the rest of their lives!!

  6. There are way too many sheeple in this world! Really sad that so many people don’t think for themselves and just go along with whatever the government says! Scary times we are living in! Forrest was right, stupid is, is stupid does!

  7. Don’t comply parents. Get your kids out of these schools. Wise up as to what is really going on with all the hype and fear mongering. And they were given the wrong shots?? Totally
    unacceptable. Prayers for your children to recover. 🙏✝️

  8. I see this happening, more and more in different states. This isn’t a coincidence! Moral of the story, don’t vaccinate ur kids and there won’t be a problem!!!

  9. Seems to be happening a lot so is it a “ mistake “ or actually planned ? Beings Fauci and Gates said there’d be a planned virus and way to depopulate and this patented virus with its patented vaccine came along , well you know the rest of the story.

  10. I have no sympathy for any parent who can’t be bothered to do basic research on COVID and realize the extremely low risk their kids have for experiencing any significant symptoms from a COVId infection. I feel sorry for their kids who don’t have parents diligent enough to protect them.

    When it comes to your kids and everything you teach them about stranger danger, include the government at the top of the list of strangers to beware of.

  11. I feel horrible for those children! Their parents NEVER should have taken them to get the VACCINE! The BLAME is on the PARENTS AS WELL AS WHO ADMINISTERED THE WRONG DOSAGE!! I haven’t taken the JAB & certainly wouldn’t allow my child to get it!

  12. So many accidents suspiciously on purpose?
    Certainly adverse reactions will pass in a day or two.
    Unless you’re permanently impacted, maimed or deceased.
    Vac effects may be heartbreaking…litterally.
    If you’re feeling lucky buy a lotto ticket or head to Vegas but protect your children from this CoV boogeyman that barely looks at them to begin with.


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