WATCH: PD releases bodycam footage after accusations of excessive force when woman refuses police commands

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The Atlanta Police Department released body camera footage of a recent arrest of a woman after a short video of the incident gained attention on social media and set off accusations that the officer used excessive force.

“Do you have IDs on you?” an officer is heard asking a man and a woman he spotted in Shady Valley Park after hours last Monday evening. The park is closed to the public at 11 p.m. and the officer was attempting to give the two individuals citations for the ordinance violation due to their presence in the park at about 11:50 p.m., according to police.

The article goes on to state the following:

In the video, the officer instructs both people to sign the tickets or face arrest. The man complies, but the woman is seen asking the officer for his name and badge number and telling him she does not have to sign the ticket.

The officer told the woman “Well, like I explained to him, if you don’t sign it, then you’re going to be physically taken to jail.”

The situation starts to escalate when the woman refused to sign and the officer repeatedly tells her to put her hands behind her back, to which she also refuses.

While the officer continues to try to handcuff the woman, she says, “I’m going to sign the ticket now.”

The officer then tells her it’s too late to sign the ticket and the woman responds with “Why am I being arrested?”

The woman can then be seen on the ground crying while the officer has a taser gun out and is on top of her while still trying to handcuff her.

The officer was identified by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as Bill Brooks, they did not name the woman or man who violated the city ordinance since they weren’t charged with felonies.

The video footage was soon on social media where it sparked outrage with claims of excessive force by the officer.

An Instagram user claiming to be the arrested woman’s sister posted “Are we not aloud (sic) to ask questions about our rights without ego taking over. Why was a taser pulled out? Why was she frisked by a male officer? Aren’t police here to protect and serve? What kind of training is this? Aggressive officers like this have to be STOPPED!!”

Some other social media users responded with “horrible.”

Then of course the celebrities had to jump in, like American Idol winner Jordin Sparks commenting, “Omfg. I am so sorry. This is horrible. And why is his face covered?”

The Atlanta Police Department said in a statement that it is “Aware of video footage circulating on social media and released the full bodycam footage after a review of the incident made it immediately clear there is more to this story than the short social media video shows. No one wants to see a fight between an officer and a citizen, but a more in-depth review of the incident, using the body worn camera footage, shows the officer repeatedly ask the female to comply by placing her hands behind her back and the footage shows she refuses each time.”

A police department spokesperson said the officer was not disciplined over the incident and “If an officer explains you will be taken to jail for something and you choose to push the officer to that limit, you will end up in jail.”


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  1. Had she cooperated he might have given her another chance to sign! She made the bad decisions I don’t feel sorry for her

  2. Don’t feel one bit sorry for that woman. He told her his name twice and badge number twice. He told her at least 4 times why she was under arrest. He already placed her under arrest when she said she would sign the ticket. Too late All the wailing and screaming and crying is so unnecessary. Just being dramatic. Hoping to have her 15 minutes of fame. Or millions from the city if it goes to court. No reason for the drama. All that because she wouldn’t sign her name that she’s done a million times since learning how to write. I feel sorry for the officer who just wanted to go home to his family.

  3. Comply with the officers commands and this could be avoided! It’s all about respect for authority. She was intentionally defiant and this officer gave her every opportunity to do the right thing and she refused. What an actress!

  4. They can’t they think they are all above the law since this shitshow of a administration moved in . I mean didn’t they pay bail for people all during the summer of love . And didn’t they push the defund the police movement all along . Yes the dems created these people not having any class because they let them literally get away with murder . No bail bonds . Do I need to say more . FJB

  5. It’s been 44 years since I drank alcohol. I use to get arrested and made it hard for Police. When I sobered up I never once blamed the Police. They were doing there job. She’s putting on a big show, to get Police in trouble. Wish they weren’t allowed to video it.

  6. She’s all big and tough!! “What’s yo name, What’s yo badge number?” Then when the officer was tired of playing her little tough girl game, she cried like a baby!!! So typical of that breed!!

  7. Their first instinct is to not follow the law. They complain when things don’t go their way. These 13%people complain about everything and rarely follow directions.

  8. That police officer gave her every chance to sign that ticket. She deserves to get arrested. Try following directions lady and the drama? Lol… unbelievable. This officer did everything correct and I pray to God that he doesn’t get reprimanded or anything else for doing his job. Well done officer, well done!

  9. Miss Smarta$$ thought she was above the law. Play stupid games ….go to jail crybaby !😂
    Officer Brooks thank you for your service .

  10. Boo hoo hoo..
    Don’t be defiant & a smart ass.
    Comply & fight it in court if necessary.

    She should have signed the ticket.

  11. It’s always the one person who gets cocky, won’t cooperate with the officer, harasses him, asks for his name and badge number, pretends she did not hear it, refused to sign, and then, gets over dramatic when he really arrests her. 🤣🤣🤣 Saying she was going to sign it after the fact just to see what the officer would do, just to get him in trouble. He knew her game and wasn’t having it! 😂😂😂😂 Drama Queen. He was not hurting her! Since the death of THUG George Floyd all these black people are doing everything they can to get a payday pulling the race card by suing the city or the police! They police officer was doing his job! I noticed in the video it did not show the officer, but, by the look of his arms, he did not look white! Good for you officer! We need more like you!!!! #SupportTheBlue

  12. I am sure she is one of those people that look for drama trying to get marches out for her. He told her so many times. She is an idiot. She acts like he is killing her

  13. It’s always the same with these tools this is the bigger part of what’s wrong with this country we have to Pander to these people they act like they don’t have to follow laws and then when it’s enforced on them they act like that’s against the law

  14. Such a drama queen. Give me a break she could have signed and went on about her business. In today’s time I’m not sure why he aloud her to walk back to the car and get anything she should have been detained right when she turned and walked away from the cop. After watching the video he didn’t hurt her but could have. If you noticed the gentleman never called the woman by name only her and she I’m assuming he didn’t know her lol.

  15. Just like in every other case they know exactly what to say and do in every step in order to sue and make money they are scripted and precise “mr brooks I am going to sign the ticket” over and over again. We will have no police left and the Military will need to take over let’s see if they listen to your shit?

  16. Do what is asks it can always be fix and rejected later on court! Stop with all the theatrics. Stop trying to be tough and cooperate!

  17. Even though the officer was 100% polite and correct in every aspect of this arrest some liberal activist judge will side with the insane woman. Why anyone would want to be a cop and have to deal with people as bad or worse than this obviously entitled spoiled brat is beyond me.


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