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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a comment during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper last week that didn’t receive much attention from the media.

Surrounded by the statues in the National Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol, Pelosi rehashed the events of the riot at the Capitol one year earlier, and voiced her disgust at the thought of the people who walked through that hall on January 6, 2020.

“We’ve never had a Confederate flag walking through here. We never had the kind of disrespect and defecation and all the rest of of it that went with that motley crew that came through here, at the wish of the former President of the United States,” she sneered.

Then referring to the statues around her, Pelosi said, “Some of these people have to go, and we have a bill to get rid of them… but nonetheless, some of the newer people we are very proud to have in the Capitol… more diversity, shall we say, and more consistency as to the United States of America.”

WATCH her comments in the video below:

On June 10, 2020, Pelosi sent a letter to the Joint Committee on the Library demanding the removal of 11 Confederate Statues from the United States Capitol.

“The statues which fill the halls of Congress should reflect our highest ideals as Americans. Today, I am once again calling for the removal from the U.S. Capitol of the 11 statues representing Confederate soldiers and officials. These statues pay homage to hate, not heritage,” Pelosi declared.

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  1. Those statues represent our past. The only statue in the Capitol that needs to go NOW is Pelosi! Stop blaming Trump for what happened at the Capitol unless you have proof!

  2. RaggedyAnn is a Vial Evil Disgusting waste of Human. History will remember She and her Cohorts stealing the Election,we will never forget her coup on jan 6 she orchestrated the Riot right along with the Capitol police,Ray Epps ,An t ifa..the truth will prevail…

  3. She’s a deadbeat evil witch that hates Trump to the core. These statues are fine where they are. It’s her that’s having a breakdown and running scared.

  4. Hopefully the next president put every damn one of them back……God can’t someone just take this evil bitch out for lunch!

  5. The only one who have to go is Nazi Pelosi! The Statues have tears in their eyes because Pelosi is the one, who refuse to call the National Guard on 6h of Jan., because it is not a good view…! Also she put a committee together and have the impertinence to appoint republican members in there. Like Adolf Hitler did it with the Volksgerichtshof in germany. She don’t protect democrathy, she disrespect that! Nazi Pelosi have to go…..!!!!!

  6. Pelosi, the democRATS and this whole administration are a disgrace to our country! They are a bunch of greedy, corrupt, lying, conniving creatures! They lack morals and ethics! They do nothing for our country or it’s citizens! Only care about power, money and control!

  7. They must all be democrats then right Nancy you bloted po💩 you are the most hateful disgusting piece of excrement on the planet. Your family were all po💩justice you that rotten apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

  8. DA’s final acts are to destroy all history. She needs to leave the country. Age is not her problem – it’s her character….

  9. “defecation”?
    She spews the Capitol full of it every time she opens her mouth!
    Can NOT wait for this old Demonrat to whack her last gavel and take her last walk out The Peoples Door !!!

  10. Never before have we had an evil witch like Piglosi roaming the halls of the capitol! She and a few others are the ones that need to go!

  11. Pelosi is the defacation she refers to. The audacity of her to keep referring to Jan. 6 as Trumps wish is ludicrous, but we all know that message will be pounded from now until 2024.

  12. PIGlosi is a disgrace to the United States of America, how this pig has been given the role she’s in is beyond comprehension. Anti American race baiting disgusting person. If this is the America these pathetic DEMONcrates want it’s time to separate the country. I truly believe there is no political fix to the mess this country is in

  13. What about 911 Nancy dearest. Did you & everyone You kse forget so soon as you allow open borders? She is totally off her Rocker & wobbles in her heels. She is the statue that needs to be removed! Many people don’t like her & say she’s the evildoer. Whether she is or not remains but what we all know is that she denied security for the 6th. Believe she granted a tour 2 days prior to the 6th so people had a good idea where to go. Nancy should he held accountable & issued a supeona for interrogation. She lies! Those statues are History & she & all the rest have tried to take down a democracy for power but we will not go down without the fight for freedom. Joe Biden is a snake & won’t be long his Party will swoop him away like he never existed. Dr. King must he rolling over in his grave .He would not approve. You have done him a great diservice!

  14. Unbridled contempt for anyone who dies not fall on their knees in adoration . She’s a complete sociopath . If anyone needs to go it’s her and everyone working with her and for her in this power grab.


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