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An Atlanta Police Department (APD) SWAT officer saved a 4-month-old baby after administering CPR during a chance encounter on Friday.

SWAT officers typically respond to “dangerous situations, challenging details, riots and other potentially deadly incidents,” but giving “CPR to a 4-month-old baby is not a routine part of a SWAT officer’s day,” APD said in a Facebook post along with body-worn footage of the tense moment.

The article goes on to state the following:

Special Police Officer (SPO) Robert Oden, who was patrolling the area of the Martin Luther King Corridor on Friday afternoon, followed a vehicle that was driving down the roadway with its hazard lights on and its horn “frantically blowing” to “investigate if a possible emergency was at hand.”

In the footage from the body cam worn by Oden, a woman carrying a baby “who was not breathing” runs toward the officer and hands the 4 month old to him. He checks for a pulse and then notifies dispatch prior to administering CPR.

In the footage the baby can be seen making noise and moving its legs. Oden was able to get a pulse and when EMS arrived on scene they quickly transported the infant to the hospital.

APD wrote on Facebook “Officers never know what to expect during their shift, they just show up ready to act. “SPO Oden[‘s] actions were quick, calm, caring, and professional. This is another example of the heroic work that officers do on any given day. His response reflects a high level of training, readiness, and compassion. We could not be prouder of him in this critical moment.”


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