WATCH: Pompeo says Chinese threat ‘inside the gates’

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Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the threat from the Chinese Communist Party is “inside the gates” of the United States, as he backed strong language from FBI Director Christopher Wray about the Beijing threat and warned of the risks to privacy from Chinese control of social media apps such as TikTok.

“It’s inside the gates, that’s how I describe the threat from the CCP,” Pompeo told Fox News Digital in an interview this week. “This isn’t something in Beijing or Shanghai or even Hong Kong. It’s in Des Moines and Phoenix and Tallahassee.

The article goes on to state the following:

“And it is a real challenge for every American citizen who is confronted by a Chinese Communist Party that will stop at nothing to undermine the very way of life we have here in America and in the West.”

Pompeo tweeted earlier in the week, “TikTok is in the grip of the Chinese Communist Party. If your kids are on it, the Chinese government likely has their social security number, privacy data, their pictures, and more. Make no mistake, China is using and will use this private information against the American people.”

During the Trump administration, they moved to ban Chinese-owned apps like TikTok but federal courts limited them.

Conversely, the Biden administration revoked the executive orders, but recently lawmakers from both sides of the aisle on the Senate Intelligence Committee called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate a report that U.S. private data has been infiltrated by China.

Meanwhile, TikTok released a statement on how it’s changing the storage location of U.S. data to cloud servers in the U.S.

Looking back, Pompeo regrets that the previous administration wasn’t able to do more to crack down on China; “There was so much left undone, so much work that remained, and, by the time we left, there’s no doubt I wish we’d had additional hours, additional days, additional months to continue to deliver for the American people on this really important work.”

Pompeo added a warning to American parents that there are significant dangers to allowing their kids to have such apps on their devices; “They’re collecting facial recognition, all kinds of things about their kids and will use that in whatever way benefits them at whatever time it benefits them.”


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    • Just a little more than a year ago the IRS data base was compromised and about 36 million people were in that compromise, they never told us who’s info was compromised and who did it. Having your address and name from your location devise on your phone matching your data with IRSs. Same goes for your credit cards and debit cards.

  1. I got off of TikTok when President Trump was still president, and said at that time, tiktoxic was a potential threat.

  2. I’m more concerned about our government selling us out to China.Joe and Hunter Biden,China Mitch McConnell and most of the rest of congress

    • Are you joking, or ignorant of the China/U.S. relationship?
      Nixon and Kissinger opened China up. Then every, single president after them until Trump pandered to China. Now it has picked up again with Joe.


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