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President Joe Biden delivered remarks today from the White House for the Independence Day celebration with military families.

The president’s message touched on the American spirit and fortitude, but he also said that we are reminded that Democracy is not guaranteed, and that “nothing about our way of life” is guaranteed. He listed rights such as voting, having clean air and water, and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Biden said we have to fight for those rights and asked for people to stop being partisan.

The president was expected to address the most recent mass shooting in Illinois, in which six people were killed and dozens were injured.

“Y’all heard what happened today,” was the presiden’s only direct reference to massacre, the New York Post noted.

He briefly expressed sadness for “those who have lost a loved ones” in reference to COVID, and others who left the world due to other causes and “cruel twists of fate.”

From the Post:

It’s unclear why Biden didn’t more fully address the shooting, which happened hours earlier, as police pursue 22-year-old suspect Robert E. Crimo III.

The relative lack of comment came despite the fact that Biden’s speech was delayed due to the shooting.

Biden’s single oral reference to the shooting on the White House lawn came as he mentioned a gun policy bill that he signed last month following high-profile mass shootings in May. The bill aims to create enhanced background checks for young adults aged 18-21, among other reforms.

“Before I left for Europe, I signed a law, the first real gun safety law in 30 years. And things will get better still, but not without more hard work together. Y’all heard what happened, y’all heard what happened today,” Biden said.

Earlier in the day he released a statement about the shooting saying he was “shocked” and vowing to keep “fighting the epidemic of gun violence.”

Biden did directly address vaccines and alluded to abortion rights.

”Liberty is under assault both here and abroad,” Biden said. “In recent days, there has been reason to think that this country is moving backward, that freedom is being reduced, that rights we assumed were protected are no longer — a reminder that we remain in an ongoing battle for the soul of America as we have for over 200 years.”

“I know it can be exhausting and unsettling. But tonight, I want you to know we’re going to get through all of this,” Biden continued. “For all that we have faced, we are going to get through this and look how far we’ve come. We are reclaiming our way of life in a pandemic, vaccines are nearly available to every American, restrictions lifted, the Fourth of July together again at the White House. And for all the challenges, America is the strongest economy in the world, more people working and starting businesses, more young people graduating from high school and college than ever before.”

Watch his July 4th speech below.

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  1. Those poor military families. It must have been beyond gut wrenching to listen to this demented corpse spewing off at the mouth

  2. Who in the military community in the right god given mind who attend ANYTHING in which this government spews out their mouthes. I am and I would NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER 🤬👺‼️

  3. Oh sure we are United…..what a dumb ass….we are so Divided, we could see each other across the sea on her other side, when we get there. Our poor Military had to listen to the crap 💩 he spews. God help our Country…..your the only one who can Amen

  4. He glossed over the shooting in Illinois because it was done by a flaming liberal. There will be no riots or burning streets , no calls for justice or gun control . It will be A very short news cycle . No presidential photo ops on the site. The view will be silent

  5. Yeah like the freedom that you gave to federal worker and military because they didn’t want the stupid shot so you had them fired, like free speech you & your play buddies that you had censored because you didn’t like what they said. The freedom you took away from pipe line workers and the companies that made the items they needed on your so called first day. In office the fake impeachment about the Russia dossier you & obama knew were lies? How about the right to be able to buy groceries and gas at a reasonable price? What about the rights of Christians to not believe in abortions or parents who don’t want hate curriculum taught that with you and your piece of craps in your administration put the fbi on? You are one of the biggest 💩💩a$$ persons alive. What about the right of. Gold Star families that you had a hand in getting killed and while they were unloading the precious souls from the plane. while you had to keep looking at your watch like you were bored all the time. You will go down as a commie president. that tried to turn America into & be hated for your stupidity , so will obama because he’s a shadow pres that said he would have no problem doing if he could find the right person. Geez I wonder who that could be. You are a blight and sh stain on America that I pray is booted out faster than you went in. No Joey baloney mcgoo when are you going to take responsibility for the hell you have America in & don’t even open your mouth about Trump or Putin being the cause of inflation be cause it was over 6-7 percent up from last year after you went in. You are a disgusting piece of excrement . People say I should feel sorry for you because you are old but I do not & will never you bumlblening old pervert

  6. Well I guess here’s another comment the algorithms DML uses or whoever. Quit censorship people’s comments please. I only get most of my news from DML but lately some of peoples comments don’t seem to be published. I didn’t threaten anyone. I stated facts that have been stated on here. Thank you &. Happy 4th of July to you proud to be from America.


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