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Pro-abortion protesters are ramping up their rhetoric and violent attacks after a leaked Supreme Court opinion indicated that the Court may be about to overturn Roe v. Wade, turning the issue of whether to make abortion legal over to the states.

A video is going viral on social media of a woman who put on a grotesque display at a protest in front of New York City church over the weekend.

Activists descended on the Basilica of Old St. Patrick in New York, and a woman who goes by the name “Crackhead Barney” on social media showed up to put on a performance of a woman giving birth and then killing her baby.

“Crackhead Barney” showed up wearing a swimsuit and a skirt over it, but soon took off the skirt and stuffed it into her swimsuit to make it appear she was pregnant.

The woman also had a doll with rags tied around it, and proceeded to then pretend she was giving birth, and yelled, “I’m killing the baby! I’m killing the baby.”

While “Crackhead Barney” was putting on her demonstration, other pro-abortion activists stood around chanting and singing, “Thank God for abortion.”

WARNING: Offensive content:

“Crackhead Barney” also has a YouTube channel and posts videos of other wild and offensive performances.

Donald Trump Jr. commented on the wild display, mocking, “Dear democrats displays like this are really making me and everyone I know lean much more pro-choice. Please stop doing this so us conservatives have a chance this November!”

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  1. That was not grotesque! It was simply and idiotic woman failing to prove anything except what a “crackhead” she truly is. I do not support lynching of children in the womb!

  2. You bitch don’t thank God for abortion and you will go hell when you die and the rest of you evil women because God will not take you to heaven with him you asshole creep and this is for all of you who want to kill infant babies

  3. Wow!!! Their thanking God for abortion? This is unbelievable!!!God blesses women with children. God will punish everyone of these lunatics there praising abortion. This makes me sick. For every woman there that’s praising abortion I hope they never have children because they don’t deserve them. Sick individuals and God will punish them for their evil.

  4. It’s a wonder that GOD didn’t strike her dead, for such evil behavior. At least she gave herself the right name !

  5. Abortion is NOT a form of birth control and my tax dollars should NOT go towards funding them.Maybe if a responsible choice was made before you had sex instead of killing baby’s after you had sex, then the world would be a better place..

  6. Sick deranged devils and they actually think this behavior is “normal”. Pathetic ignorant fools. Disgusting DEMONcrates

  7. That woman is a pathetic and disgusting animal! She should be arrested for lewd and indecent exposure and behavior in public! Those people singing and applauding her should be damned to hell!
    How low can things go in this country???

  8. This acts just show the world how creepy and criminals with no brains these Liberals are. Just to imagine the US in the hands of these type of people said it all. We need a huge politically change in our country, this is disgusting!


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