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White House press secretary Jen Psaki denied that the teaching of American colleges and universities amounted to ‘liberal indoctrination,’ arguing that teaching about systemic racism is “actually responsible.”

“Senator Cotton says the nation’s wealthiest colleges are indoctrinating young people with what he calls un-American ideas. He’s proposing a new tax targeting the largest private endowments,” a reporter noted in the White House daily briefing. The tax would raise $2 billion per year and would be directed toward job training programs.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Does the president believe that our largest, our wealthiest schools are indoctrinating our youth with an American idea? And would you support such a tax?” the reporter asked.

Psaki smirked and quipped, “Now you’ve intrigued me. What are the unAmerican ideas that are indoctrinating our youth?”

The reporter noted that Sen. Cotton has criticized the 1619 Project and critical race theory, and has stated there is a liberal bias on campuses that targets conservative groups.

Psaki declared, “Well without much detail of where he thinks our youth are being indoctrinated, it sounds very mysterious and dangerous. I don’t think we would think we believe that educating the youth, and future leaders of the country, on systemic racism is indoctrination. That’s actually responsible.”

Psaki then mocked Sen. Cotton, accusing him of just trying to raise money.

“But I would say if he’s trying to raise money for something, then our view is there’s lots of ways to do that. We know that a number of corporations hugely benefited financially during the pandemic. They could pay more taxes. We think the highest one percent of Americans can pay more taxes. And if he wants to have a conversation about worker training, we’d love to have him over and have that conversation,” she said.

PoliticusUSA shared a video of the exchange and praised Psaki claiming she “absolutely destroyed” Cotton.


Sen. Cotton fired back, responding to the video.

“Psaki is wrong. Pushing toxic critical race theory on kids is indoctrination. And the Biden administration is doing it from the White House,” he tweeted.

Cotton doubled down, sharing multiple reports to back up his concerns.

“The Biden DOE wants to prioritize grants in American history and civics education programs that push critical race theory on children,” he wrote.

“This race obsession isn’t just in universities: a K-8 school in New York separates children based on race and tells them they are born racist,” Cotton continued.

“The largest school district in North Carolina launched a race-obsessed campaign against “whiteness in educational spaces” that targets children,” Sen. Cotton added.

The report further notes that on Monday, Sen. Cotton introduced the Ivory Tower Tax Act, “a bill that would impose a one-percent tax on endowments from wealthy colleges and universities, and that money would be redirected to vocational training.”

Cotton re-tweeted a video campaign ad just released this week by concerned parents of the Loudoun County School in a wealthy Virginia town, who are fighting back against the teaching of Critical Race Theory and are trying to get six of the school board members recalled.

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  1. Give the bozo ho morons some credit … they are very consistent with stupidity lol.
    Parents need to fight and fight hard, put down the smart phone and laptop a while and save your children !!!! Don’t let this hatred be taught to your kids, please take time out for this. My kids are grown and if my grandkids face being taught that garbage in public or private school I will certainly homeschool them and others that ask.

  2. The longer she’s on the mic, the cockier she gets! And why not? She’s never had a real job. She’s been a political schmuck since the day she graduated high school. Now THERE’S a perfect example of indoctrination!

  3. Lol… Psaki has been indoctrinated already.. N Biden, come on man, hes the biggest racist next his homeboy Byrd to come out of congress… Maybe schools should show n talk about how biden reacted to his kids in the racial jungle… What a penis…

  4. It is not just the high dollar colleges, even the State Schools too. Just talk to your kids and grandkids and you will find this to be true.

  5. I can’t wait till she quits. I’m sure her new job will be nothing more than circling back. I wonder if her kids ever get a answer to anything.


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