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The White House blamed former President Donald Trump for an uptick in violent crime, waving off a charge that the surge is rooted in liberal bail reform policies.

Asked whether the administration could encourage stronger prosecution of criminals or leverage other tools to cut down on violent recidivism, President Joe Biden’s press secretary pointed to Trump.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We’ve inherited from the previous administration the largest year-over-year jump in murders in history in 2020,” Jen Psaki told reporters on Friday.

The Democratic lawmakers have pushed to make changes over the years regarding the criminal justice system. Critics say those changes, such as end to cash bail, sentencing reduction, and juvenile prosecution reform actually increased violent crime in major cities.

Psaki said, “The president said that cash bail has become the modern-day debtors’ prison, no one should be held just because they are poor, and a person who was dangerous but has the money to pay bail shouldn’t have a get-out-of-jail card.”


VIDEO: Psaki heckled throughout tearful White House briefing room send-off

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  1. Finger pointing seems to be a favorite jesture of democrate politians, whether it verbal or literal; what they seem to forget is that 3 fingers on their hand is poining straight back at themselves.

  2. OMG! How long are they going to blame Trump for the mistakes the democrats makes? I’m laughing out of anger. That’s my bad laugh. This makes no sense. Soros planted DAs in Democratic cities with poor mayors and police commissioners. Look at NYC. A virtual sh:t hole with their cities administration. Same with Los Amgeles and we cannot forget Chicago. Yup I’m still laughing at Psaki’s delusions.

  3. Among the 25 most-cited school shooters since Columbine, 75 percent were reared in broken homes.

    Violent crimes and murders occur disproportionately in Democrat-controlled cities.

    The same cities also have the strictest gun laws.

    Give your son a father.

    Stay away from Democrat cities.

    Teach responsibility and gun safety.

  4. That’s got to be one of the biggest lies she’s had to have told so far. She’s such an out of touch DC elitist. The people know the truth and thank God for that one.

  5. Paid very well for almost same answer to every question everytime. “We inherented from the previous administration ” that pea brain doesn’t have to think very hard

  6. There must be a standard checklist of how to answer question regarding Biden and Dem’s failed issues:
    1. Point out that it was an issue inherited from Trump
    2. Mention some lame justification for the Dem policy / policies actually causing the problem or making it worse.
    3. Say that Biden and the Dems continue looking to ways to further ‘improve’ the situation.

    • A job so easy, I could do that in my sleep. I’ll replace her and my answer to every question will be one of the following:

      1. Because FJB
      2. Joey B is an idiot
      3. Soros paid JB and his crew for it
      4. Time to drain the swamp.
      5. We need to bring back the “MAGA KING”
      6. TRUMP WON!

  7. Very well trained in verbage. She spews garbage that Demwits actually believe. God Please Help Us. They will blame Trump long after he is gone. He is too strong and a self made man and probably the scariest man on earth as far was the thugs in Washington DC are concerned.

    God please shut these dumb shits up!!!!!!

  8. If you all remember, obammy did the same thing. He blamed Bush for eight years for everything. It’s what dems do…place blame on anyone but themselves. Our MAGA King lives rent free in their small minds!

  9. The Democrats create problems then blame everyone else for the problems that they create. Failed incompetent leadership that’s the Democrat motto.

  10. How about the record number of terrorists that poopy pants has welcomed into our country? Their “echo chamber” consists of seeing who can shove their heads farther up each other’s asses. It’s time for the swamp donkeys and their RINO friends to move on. They’ve destroyed this country!

  11. Can’t blame her and the dangerous democrats. Throw everything out and see what sticks. It seems to be working. All the dumbass Republicans have to do is accuse , see what sticks. Years and years , millions and millions of dollars spent on accusations.

  12. She’s married right ? Boy he must be an idiot too or he sits at home or the bar all day laughs at her and enjoys her paycheck, because seriously what real man would stick with a liar like her ?

  13. Jen Snarky is unbelievable. It’s your party’s policies that are the reason for crime. I just SMH when I read this nonsense.


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