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Sen. Rand Paul tweeted out a message on Tuesday morning to alert his followers that he’d be grilling Dr. Anthony Fauci today at the Senate Health Committee hearing about the federal COVID-19 response.

“Be sure to tune into the HELP committee hearing this morning,” Paul wrote. I’ll be continuing my efforts to get the truth from Dr. Fauci!”

As expected, there were fireworks between the two, with Paul telling Fauci that “the majority of Americans don’t believe you” and even insisted the doctor should resign.

“You appear to have learned nothing from this pandemic,” Paul said. “You changed the definition of gain of function to cover your ass.”

WATCH the fiery exchange below:

The exchange follows an ongoing battle between the doctors, specifically over whether the NIH grants funded gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab in China.

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  1. Fauci is what we use to call “a Mad Scientist”. He is such a liar and WE THE PEOPLE are learning this about him. He’s caught and continues to lie. What a dork.

  2. God will judge them by the fruits they bare
    I believe in natural immunity
    I’ve had C19 three times
    Never needed anything but gods good graces
    I’m double protected by natural immunity full of antibodies
    Plus I’ve got the best physician available to anyone
    Jesus is his name and healing is his game

  3. Wow, just Wow! Fauci is a master at manipulating facts to as Sen Paul says “cover his ass”. There was a reason President Trump did not like him nor trust him. Now we know why.

    Unfortunately we have a media and administration that will not by any means recognize the facts of today. To do so would mean acknowledging President Trump’s positions.

  4. Narcissistic lying animal torturing Chinese loving ass. Tine will tell fauci you piece of crap. Crimes against humanity. I hope they hang your ass.

  5. The lying little lab rat chaser hasn’t figured out that he’s been exposed for his wrongdoings & still keeps pretending like his lies are believable. What a disgrace. He should be fired and sent to prison!


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