WATCH: Rep. Byron Donalds blasts potential Trump indictment, releases statement

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Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) called out the possible indictment of former President Donald Trump as a part of the “gotcha mentality” in the current legal system.

“I think this is one of the worst uses of the justice system we’ve ever seen. This kind of two-tier prosecution, this gotcha mentality with the criminal justice system, is flat out wrong,” the Florida congressman said on Sunday.


“There has been in the past uses of the criminal justice system in America that have been wrong. It’s been about targeting, it’s been wrong. Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Donalds told host Maria Bartiromo.

Donald doubled down as he released the following statement on Sunday:

Today, Congressman Byron Donalds released the following statement regarding reports of the probable arrest of former President Donald J. Trump.

“America is home to countless families who have fled the horrors of totalitarianism and witnessed the evils of a corrupt government that suppresses dissent, cannibalizes freedom, and politically targets opposition. Unfortunately, our nation is increasingly mirroring the practices of authoritarian regimes and blatantly neglecting the Rule of Law established in our Constitution and the liberties long enshrined in the bedrock of our Republic.

“Following recent reports of the imminent arrest of former President Donald J. Trump, it is clear that there is no light between the beacon of freedom in the world and the most oppressive regimes in history. While America’s cities are facing a barrage of violent crimes that go neglected and unprosecuted by far-left progressive prosecutors, political retribution and obstruction of a former president and announced candidate of the upcoming presidential race remain the highest priority of corrupt actors in our state and federal governments. No American should ever bear the relentless and unequivocal intimidation, persecution, and subjection of their life as President Trump has endured since entering politics.

“The Democrats have led our nation into unchartered and unprecedented waters. It is high time to correct course and restore the legitimacy and integrity of our system of government and law that constrains it. I join many of my fellow Americans in offering my prayers and support to President Trump and his family and reaffirm my commitment to uprooting the elements of our government that have run amok.”

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