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Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib claimed that corporations are to blame for increased prices in a U.S. House Committee on Financial Services hearing on inflation held Tuesday.

“The pandemic has been great for the richest Americans who have lined their pockets and doubled their wealth,” Tlaib started her hearing segment.

The article goes on to state the following:

She then went on to blame prominent businesses for increased prices.

“Corporations have the nerve to blame inflation while consolidating their market power and raising the price of essential goods and services while working people foot the bill. For me this is not inflation, it’s extortion,” the Palestinian-American congresswoman declared.


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    • I will tell you how. Omar and Talib are from Refugee areas that we let in. They are voting in their own people to represent what they want. In other words, they come to America and are blindly getting what they left.

  1. They always throw it back on Trump. These politicians are sick. The Democrat Party is destroying America!

  2. Tlaib has always been an unqualified buffoon but she has a point. She is not totally incorrect. For example, Calif now has the highest gas prices at over $5 a gallon. The gas companies can keep prices at the $4 level but they as in the past, are using any current event as an excuse to raise gas prices.

    If any alien space ship was spotted parked on the moon, the companies would raise gas prices.

  3. The sad part is , is the liberal Democrats are BELIEVING EVERY SINGLE WORD THATS SPEWED out of their mouths !!! If Democrats say it it must be TRUE , they care about me 😂😅🤣

  4. Obviously she has no knowledge of how a business works. Are some companies taking advantage of people with price gouging? Yes, but what she needs to realize is that the company costs of doing business have increased. Raw materials have gone up, transportation costs have skyrocketed. Labor costs – if you can find people- have gone up. So businesses need to increase costs to be profitable. Stop blaming them for this administration’s bad policies.

  5. Keep electing these swamp rats that are too dumb for their own good. This foul mouth po💩 is a disgrace to the political arena. Dummies electing dummies

  6. What is this old traitor talking g about?
    If she had saved or invested her money in America, instead of the PLO, she’d be one of those rich people she’s always mouthing off about!

  7. How this idiot is a sitting member of Congress is beyond me. But it does give hope to every person who thinks they aren’t smart enough to be in Congress. Look at these morons….and they are the ones holding the purse strings and making it policy! There are many village idiots in Congress.


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