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Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs kicked off a congressional hearing focusing on defunding the police Tuesday with a video compilation of top Democrats saying they support defunding the police.

The hearing, “Reimagining Public Safety in the COVID-19 Era,” comes as cities across the nation face a rise in violent crimes. Biggs presented a video compilation capturing several high profile Democrats expressing support for the “Defund the Police” movement.

The article goes on to state the following:

The video opened with text that reads, “Democrats now say they don’t support defunding the police… But here’s the truth.”


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  1. It’s not an ‘epidemic of gun violence’, Nadler. It’s an epidemic of unpunished and unprosecuted criminals – who get arrested and then released on NO bail $$$ to commit more crimes.
    I own two shotguns and four handguns and so far not a one of them has been out murdering people.

  2. Is it a democrat chair woman. I agree nothing is ever done in these hearing , they are useless. Nothing but mouth service. Just like all the investigations into hillary. Nothing ever done. Hypocrites

  3. What a trash they are been elected by a trash and criminals just like them specially that sick pervert OMAR she has been elected by a pervert Somali trash that kill women and children and kidnap girls and make them wear the trash bag over there head THE FIRST ever Somali police person rotten in jail because that pervert killed an Australian women he was scared from a white women what a garbage culture

  4. Says the ‘sickos’ in congress that are okay w/ being ‘married’ to its ‘ brother’ no less?!? It’s past time that we ship these ‘type of individuals’ to some far away island where they can all be ‘racist & hateful ‘ & can just beat up each other & then they won’t get a cop to help them cause they definitely don’t deserve to be helped. And do send horse mouth Back to the bar where ‘Bernie mittens’ picked her up at & then ‘turban ‘ head can live happily ever after w/ her brother & continue THINKING it’s okay to live w/ your own brother & commit ‘incest’ & be able to look at theirselves in a mirror ( & then it breaks’!!! ) Hells gonna be really full one day soon. These ‘dummer rats’ are sink puppies

  5. Yes, and let criminals run wide; these individuals have THEIR PROTECTION what do they CARE about the people. As soon as they’re back in office, they back to improving THEIR LIVES!! Civilians can’t afford BODY GUARDS or High FENCES. Police Departments NEED improving. THEY’LL BE TAKING OUR GUNS!!

  6. I sure do miss President Trump……. folks need to wake up to the BS policies being shoved down out throats.Dems have done absolutely nothing for our country and Reps sit on their asses and point fingers,I now ponder who is worse….


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