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Sen. Mitt Romney tore into President Joe Biden’s head of homeland security, Alejandro Mayorkas, for his indifference in answering lawmakers’ questions about resolving the worsening border crisis, calling the secretary’s attitude “extremely damning.”

“What I find astonishing, Mr. Chairman, is that we have the secretary responsible for securing our border and our immigration system who doesn’t recognize these charts as being a problem. And there are human beings behind these numbers. And [he] is not saying, ‘Hey, we’ve got to make some changes immediately.’ I find that extraordinary and extremely damning,” the Utah Republican said in a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing Thursday, pointing to border statistics on nearby poster boards.

The article goes on to state the following:

In April, more than 178,000 people attempted to cross illegally from Mexico into the United States between ports of entry or were denied admission at border crossings. The number is the highest monthly rate in 21 years and has more than doubled since Biden took office in January and rescinded many Trump-era border policies that had been in effect and deterred illegal migration.

Romney slammed Mayorkas for the skyrocketing border apprehensions, along with the massive numbers of unaccompanied minors coming across the border illegally.

Mayorkas claimed that 90% of the children have a parent or legal guardian in the United States, and they have a “claim under the law for humanitarian relief, either for asylum or special immigrant juvenile status.”

Romeny also noted that cartels are gaming the system, and mocked the Biden administration for claiming they need to just address the “root causes” of why people come to America.

He said, “We’ve got root causes in our own country, we’ve got challenges here we can’t solve… we can’t solve all the problems of the world!”


Romney later tweeted out smaller clips of the exchange, with one pertaining to E-Verify. Mayorkas refused to say whether E-Verify should be mandatory.

“Requiring employers to use the E-Verify system to ensure the legal status of employees will help address a driver of illegal immigration. For someone who claims to support the E-Verify system, it’s puzzling that @SecMayorkas has no opinion on whether it should be mandatory,” Romney declared.

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To get more information about this article, please visit WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM.


  1. Outrageous!!! BLM can loot and cause all kinds of destruction and nothing happens yet he doesn’t wear a mask outside and is arrested, what kind of insane craziness is this!!

  2. Send them all back minus a handful of toes. That will slow them when they get the thought of being outlaws again and not take anymore funds out of our pockets.

  3. Give it up Rino. Say what republicans want to hear just to get re-elected and to win people over. All lies. He wants open borders just like the democrats.

  4. Blah, Blah, Blah….look at the Rhino trying so hard to appease the Republicans! As he fears he will be the next Rhino ousted!

  5. Romney you whore! You would say do anything to stay in office. Your just like Kamala Harris, cut from the some cloth.

  6. Can someone please hand Mitt a script? The crossings have MORE than Doubled since Biden took office, they have increased 10 Fold.
    Obama 2014 on steroids, All planned. Mayorkas is a cold soul sucking vampire


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