WATCH: Russian child sobs as father forced join Ukraine invasion, heartbreaking scenes as families parted

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A haunting video has emerged today showing a Russian girl sobbing uncontrollably as her conscript father boards a bus to join the Ukraine invasion amid Vladimir Putin’s mass mobilisation push.

The Russian President has paved the way for up to 1million Russians to be conscripted into the armed forces and sent to fight in Ukraine, it has been claimed, as a group of enlistees from Stary Oskol in Belgorod region were videoed being taken away into their military service.

The footage records a child, seemingly a girl, shouting – but not seen – after one of the conscripts saying: ‘Papa, goodbye. Please come back. Papa, bye, Papa… Papa…?’

It is not clear which of the men in the crowd is the child’s father in the 30-second video clip, but the child is heard repeatedly sobbing and calling, “Papa, papa,” as the men are seen being herded onto a bus to be driven away.

This week, Putin announced that 300,000 people would be called up to serve in the war against Ukraine, and sent to the front lines.  However, some officials are now saying one million will be forced to serve.


Other videos have also been posted to social media of families saying good-bye to their husbands, fathers and sons as they are hauled away to join the Russian army.

One journalist tweeted, “In Buratiya, male university students are being taken straight out of classes. Some schools have closed and turned into enlistment offices. Men are being rounded up and conscripted from small villages. This will all look *very* different in Russia’s ethnic republics than in Moscow.”

Another video is circulating on social media – an old campaign video.

“It’s time to remember Putin’s 2018 campaign video – where the prospects were described, as it were, what would happen if he was not “elected” But now it turned out that it was a video with Putin’s election plan,” one person tweeted.

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  1. When will there be a military insurrection in Russia…..Putin needs to go. I pray for the Ukrainian people as well as the poor Russian troops that don’t want to be there. Looks like the US during the Vietnam Era.

  2. This headline was chosen to encourage Americans to hate Putin. Every nation that has participated in war calls men with families to fight for their country and families suffered.


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