WATCH: Russians take to the streets to protest Putin’s draft for Ukraine war, police arrest over 1,000, others flee the country

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At least 1,400 Russians had been arrested by Thursday in mass protests against the biggest conscription since World War II — as massive lines formed at its borders to make a desperate exodus from the war-bent nation.

Protests erupted in at least 38 cities Wednesday after President Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization of 300,000 troops for his flagging Ukraine war while also alarmingly escalating the threat of all-out nuclear war with the West.

Many of the protesters were served summonses ordering them to report to enlistment offices on Thursday, the first full day of conscription.

According to the report, 530 people were arrested in Moscow and over 470 in St. Petersburg.

The Daily Mail reported that some wives have threatened to literally break their husband’s legs so they won’t have to go join Putin’s war against Ukraine.

Russians are also fleeing in massive numbers, across the border to neighboring countries.  The NY Post reported:

On Wednesday, 4,824 Russians arrived in Finland up from the 3,133 a week earlier. That exodus “intensified” overnight, the Finnish Border Guard said Thursday.

Airports have been bombarded with Russian men attempting to flee the country, with flights quickly selling out.

One of the men being arrested by Russian police yelled, “I don’t want to die for Putin or for you!”

Wall Street Journal reporter Matthew Luxmoore shared videos of huge protests all across Russia, as people march through cities denouncing Putin’s demand that they go join the war against Ukraine.

Police have been arresting the protesters:

Tadeusz Giczan, a Belarusian journalist, tweeted, “Pretty powerful video. In Dagestan locals clearly don’t want to go to war with Ukraine. The recruiting officer argues they have to fight for the future. – We don’t even have a present, what future are you talking about,” replies a Dagestani man.”

Washington Post reporter Mary Ilyushina tweeted, “First video showing called-up men in Moscow saying goodbyes to crying mothers. Similar scenes unfolded in hundreds of Russians cities and towns today. Some Moscow reservists I spoke to say they are also leaving for training tonight, likely will be on the frontlines in ~2-3 weeks.”

Pjotr Sauer, a reporter for The Guardian, tweeted:

Spoke to some of the many men and women fleeing Russia after Putin announced the first mobilisation since the second world war. “I am simply not letting Putin turn me into a killer in a war that I want no part in.”

Many of those who are still in Russia will feel that time is running out. “I think the only way I can personally help Ukraine right now is by not fighting there,” said Igor, a 26-year-old IT professional who is planning to fly to Vladikavkaz and drive to Georgia.

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  1. If the 2020 election was a fair voting system, Trump would have still been president. There would have been no war!! I blame Obiden fir this mess!! FJB!!!

  2. I guess the Russians are not as timid and easily cowed as we are. Our Founding Fathers would have been shooting by now. I type ashamedly as a keyboard warrior. I don’t want violence, but neither can I abide the Biden usurpation and tyranny with equanimity.


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