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President Joe Biden became the focus of a debate on Twitter after he appeared to make what some have determined may have been a rather odd comment about his “butt” being “wiped.”

The video clip under scrutiny is from the president’s Sunday return to the White House, when a reporter yelled a question to him about his immigration policy and whether it should be a “pathway for citizenship.” The comments were captured and noted by ABC News White House reporter Molly Nagle.

The article goes on to state the following:

In response, Biden walked up to the group of reporters and uttered an unintelligible comment that some have determined was him saying his “butt’s been wiped.”

Biden’s response prompted a huge debate on Twitter, as no one seems to know for sure what he really said, or intended to say, and most people say it sounds like “my butt’s been wiped.”

David Renshaw tweeted in response to the video, “We’ll, he didn’t say “my butt’s been wiped,” but I defy anyone to actually determine what he DID say.”

It sounds the same from another angle. Former NV GOP Chairwoman Amy Tarkanian tweeted, “I don’t actually think Joe Biden walked up to the press corps and announced “My butt’s been wiped!” like people are hearing, but can anyone figure out what he actually IS saying here?”

Former Parkland student Kyle Kashuv tweeted a one-second clip that keeps repeating over and over, for anyone who didn’t get it the first time.

Several Twitter users responded to that with suggestions…

Comedian Tim Young chimed in, tweeting, “President Pudding actually says, “My butt’s been wiped.” Whether or not he actually said that, let’s be real here… the “journalists” could not have possibly heard what he was saying and they laughed on cue to kiss his butt.”

Documentary film producer Errol Webber tweeted the video as well:

CNN reporter Daniel Dale claimed that Biden actually said, “What must be what?”


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  1. He needs to take a cognitive test!!! I don’t care what he said, just make him take the test. If not, I refuse to wear mask

    • Agree ! Also thousands of covid ridden illegals coming across the border but we are being mandated to wear a damn mask and possible forced jab! Just is insane what is going on.

      • illegals beign allowed to cross over, no tests- but by golly anyone caught not wearign a mask in the capitol building will be arrested per orders of heir nancy

    • if he does take one, they will just give him all the answers on a teleprompter- heck, they might even tell him which one to choose in the multiple choice questions- I seriously doubt it will be a true test

  2. This is the inept person the idiots voted in 😳😳😳😳😳,, and some how stole the election ,,,, wow libtards will stop at nothing ,,, people be ready

  3. sounded more like My Butt’s Been Waxed- i didn’t see his lips form to sound out the letter ‘p’ in wiped- and it kinda sounded more like an ‘x’ to me- who knows, maybe he even said My butt’s been waked- There must be some audio expert that can decipher what was actually said by cancelling out the noise from machines-


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