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Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Friday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that the House Select Committee investigating January 6, 2021 will show former President Donald Trump is the instigator, author and architect of a coup.

Schiff said, “We continue to learn more and more in the Eastman case, for example, and this was the subject of a FOIA request, so I can comment on it. There are records showing that Eastman was giving a blueprint to a Pennsylvania lawmakers about how to fudge the results and how to defraud the people of Pennsylvania. The explicit nature of that corrupt activity is so blatant and now it’s revealed that he’s in direct conversation with Donald Trump and strategizing with Donald Trump. So the criminal conspiracy that Judge Carter mentioned now a courtesy of Mr. Eastman goes right back to the president.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “I wonder if you can comment on how much of this final phase, and I don’t know if you would feel or describe it as final, but the final phase is focused on Donald Trump’s role in that conspiracy?”

Responding to Wallace’s prompting, Schiff continued his tirade against Trump, declaring, “In my point of view, he is in the author and the architect of this plan to overturn the election in this coup attempt masquerading as a legal strategy. After all, he is the chief promulgator of the big lie, and that big lie is used around the country to try to get states to send bogus electors, fake certificates of electors. He is involved in this. He is calling state legislatures. He is calling local election officials. He’s strategizing with Eastman and others. He’s the instigator and the author of and the architect of this effort to overturn our elections culminating in this violence on January 6. So you can’t ignore the principal player here.”

Schiff claimed that America’s democracy is so “fragile” because “… of the active participation of the head of today’s Republican Party, Donald Trump.”


Wallace devoted her entire show to bashing Trump, as she brought in more guests to make additional allegations against the former president surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021 riot at the Capitol:

“It’s hard to care that the Republican Party is a mashpit of mayhem and anti-Democratic conduct,” Wallace ranted.

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  1. All you people are liars! Trump didn’t instigate anything. It’s all set up by you Democrats to hide what you did to cheat in the election. We all know Trump won 2020, Biden is a joke.

  2. Schitt needs to go, they are still trying to accuse the republicans, primarily Trump, about things they themselves have done. The evidence is there. These crooked bastardly demons are destroying the Country. They keep trying to take the direction away from Bidum and his shitty son Hunter, and the corrupt war to hide their criminal actions in those Countries, the border etc. They know Trump will expose the lot of them so they keep pushing. I wish the Republicans would get some balls and push back. Like impeaching the present administration for starters.

  3. Does anyone has any faith in this jerko? His impeachment comes out nothing and wasted a lot of time and taxpayers money. I hope he is voted out of office, and if not, die of boredom and frustration.

  4. None of this matters. The Dems cheated and the evidence is in plain sight now and undeniable. #2000Mules. The election was stolen and Trump was just trying to stop the steal. The only big lie is from the Dems and they know it.

  5. Democratic manufactured insurrection! Pelosi and others knew their buddies antifa and blm would infiltrate the trump supporters and pelosi refused to add more national guard! It was all in their plan! And how many FBI agents were in on it! Capital police were opening gates and waving people in!

  6. Time & time again Schiff you prove beyond a shadow of a doubt you are a complete imbecile moron‼️‼️‼️👎👎👎

  7. My question is, It must be TRUE, is if VP Pense cohlx of sent the COUNT back to the States???
    That wasn’t brought up by the Democrats at all. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. If you believe a lie, it has to be true.

  8. Yeah he said the same thing about the Russian collusionist too more of his lies and prodigies the American people aren’t listening and I believe these people who keep doing this ought to be held accountable but because they’re Democrats they won’t be an America knows this… I would like to say thank you to the 80 million people dead and alive that voted for Biden

  9. Schiff is about the most inept politician this country has ever seen. He isn’t corrupt like Hillary or Pelosi…..but none have exceeded his ineptitude and someone who has used his position to waste taxpayers time, money and faith that our government can ever be on the up and up again.

  10. And notice how these corrupt trolls are still in power and the spineless republicans sit back eating their popcorn. Ignorant fools

  11. Eastman was simply making unfeasible suggestions about how to safeguard the integrity of the election by statistically canceling out some of the rampant Democratic fraud.


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