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Parents attending a Virginia school board meeting gave heated testimony on why students should not be masked for the coming year.

“You’re all hypocrites,” parent Annie Palumbo told the Virginia Beach school board on Tuesday evening. “You’re sitting here without masks and want our kids masked. No, we’re fighting.”

The article goes on to state the following:

The board meeting came ahead of a vote on whether students attending Virginia Beach City Public Schools will be required to wear face masks for next school year. The board ultimately voted 4-6 against making masks optional.

During the 4-hour meeting, at least 50 people voiced their concerns.

Lindsey Bohon, a mother of four, told the board members, “Adults have access to the vaccine. It’s time to let our children resume normal life, see their teachers’ and classmates’ faces and for our children to stop living in fear.”

One 8-year-old said, “It [mask] gives me headaches when I wear it all day when I’m at school. It makes me that I can’t see my friends smile and I can’t see them talk. Sometimes I can’t understand, and I can’t breathe at all.”

In the video below, a Black father gives a powerful speech at the school board meeting, as he shares how important it is for children to see smiles, and calls for the mask mandate to be lifted. WATCH BELOW:

At one point, the board went into recess after one speaker refused their order to step away from the podium.

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  1. No one in America should have to plea to save their children’s lives!
    It’s standard policy or a vision statement for all schools…. children shall learn in a safe environment.
    It’s unconstitutional to ignore this!

  2. get brave! pull the children out of school. get together and develop your own curriculum with the help of these free online schools! take back your children’s education—all of it, intellectual and social. it’s time we start stepping up and taking control back and giving it back to the parents!

  3. Dirty dogs, these parents need to call in their oath of office. There has to be something in their to recall this trash!

  4. Pull all your kids out of the district. No students=no funding. The district can’t survive without funding. They will come around before they go bankrupt. Speak with your money. Speak with your votes.


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