WATCH: See inside model of giant flying luxury hotel designed to stay in the air for years

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A giant nuclear-powered ‘flying hotel’, complete with a gym and swimming pool is set to carry 5,000 passengers in unparalleled luxury.

A new CGI video details how the AI-piloted Sky Cruise plans to remain airborne for months at a time, while also docking to take on new passengers, or to drop off anyone board.

The article goes on to state the following:

The futuristic hybrid between a plane and hotel – which has 20 engines powered by nuclear fusion – is designed never to land.

The concept was designed by artist Tony Holmsten. Hashem Al-Ghaili, a Yemeni science communicator and a video producer, created a detailed animated video of the wild airplane design that is likely to never even be built.

Al-Ghaili declares the nuclear-powered sky cruise “could be the future of transport.” He says the airplane is designed to fly 24/7 without ever landing for years, and even repairs would be conducted while the plane is in flight.

The gigantic nuclear-powered plane would be fully automatic, not even needing pilots, but it would require a massive staff to work on it, to serve the 5,000 guests on board.

Sky Cruise would include restaurants, a gigantic shopping mall, a gym, theatre, a swimming pool, a hotel, medical facilities, and much more. It is also being touted as a great venue for business events, conferences and weddings.

Supplies and guests are delivered via electric commercial airliners and private jets.

The animated video was just posted to YouTube on June 18, and already has over 1.9 million views.


People commenting on the video both on YouTube and Twitter are giving mixed reactions, with some amazed and others doubting it will ever be built.  Many even express doubts that it’s possible to build such a plane.  Below is just a sampling of the reactions pouring in:

I’ve been involved in the aviation industry for the last 17 years and I can genuinely say I know quite a bit about it.. Your 25-minute video will put a newcomer to the industry by at least ten years… It is the most impressive compact, educational illustration I have ever seen in my life.

Holy crap… This is REALY well done! I’m super impressed by the use of proper terminology and the explanation of how different “subsystems” work in connection. I’m an aircraft engineer from Germany and have been working on A330s and 737s for years, currently studying for my ‘CAT B’ license. I know these planes inside out. Anyone interested in going into aviation (especially piloting, engineering or mechanics) should watch this video. My professors couldn’t explain these systems in a simpler, yet accurate way, than has been accomplished with this video.

Looks nice but I don’t think it would be economically feasible. Also it would have to fly at incredible speeds to get enough lift and no place to land/take-off. In short, it won’t fly in today’s world.

How would keeping stock for hospitality/shops/etc work? I feel like this would be really impractical without constant resupply flights. Actually, wait, how would this even handle the laundry overhead from all the linens reliably? Can’t exactly hook up to municipal water.

Can something that heavy even stay in the air?

Lol what is the max capacity of the largest plane right now and we’re going with ‘a luxury city in the sky for 5000 passengers (plus staff)’

There is absolutely no way this thing could stay in the air.

Great idea putting a nuclear reactor in something that could malfunction and fall out of the sky.

I bet I still end up next to someone else’s screaming three year old for the entire trip.

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  1. That’s thing aerodynamically impossible with today’s technology. Just look at the Parasite drag all over that monster. Those wings won’t even begin to creat enough lift. It’s just all wrong. Dream on, that’s just stupid.
    Star-wars city in the sky with its antigravity is more believable.

  2. Sounds like a Spruce Goose pipe dream and if their thinking the elites can escape while the rest of us get nuked ? Well they can’t escape from the wrath of God 🔥

    • The spruce goose actually flew however. This story is so ridiculous I don’t know why they wasted the pixels to post it. The only thing missing from this flying the hotel or whatever it is our roads with cars driving on them inside it. Shopping mall? Six restaurants? Sure.

  3. Well nothing could go wrong there now could it? AI flying it, outside elevators, what about wind shear? Never being able to land, aren’t private keys a no no. Neuclear powered. Dream on

  4. Wonder who get to be on this when emps hit and mass destruction???? And where do they dump their waste. More shit on America for the wealthy. But we cant have safe nucluer power here to use. Just take our dams out, stop gas, and to hell with the rest of us. We can make it on solar and wind bs.


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