WATCH: Senator gets quite the reaction at CPAC when announcing pronouns

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At the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told the crowd he had picked his pronouns.

The idea, he said, came after speaking with a young Republican.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I talked recently with a college kid at one of these schools who said in each class before a student speaks, they are required to introduce themselves, say their name, and say, ‘My pronouns are.’ Well, my name is Ted Cruz, and my pronouns are kiss my a**!”

The CPAC crowd went wild over Cruz announcing his pronouns.

Cruz continued, “If you see someone with a beard and chest hair and a voice like Barry White, that’s a dude. But we know that. Lia Thomas — I am sorry, Lia Thomas looks like Michael Phelps. And people across the country, across the world, are, like, that don’t make any sense. And it is powerful how people‘s eyes are opening up.”

WATCH the clip below:

Cruz tweeted Friday, “There is nothing more dangerous to a bunch of power hungry leftists than a free and empowered American people!”

Newsmax tweeted a different clip and wrote, “.@tedcruz at @CPAC: ‘It’s so bad, Antifa can’t afford bricks. It is so bad, Eric Swalwell can’t afford Chinese dinners.'”

WATCH the full remarks by Cruz below:

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  1. Colleges are not institutions of learning anymore and that kid Cruz spoke about should speak up and tell them to screw off etc but young people don’t seem to have a pair anymore and are like sheep being sheared. Parents should save their money on the indoctrination of their kids. Not many of them can think for themselves now. So sad the mess our country is in. I pray for a November slaughter of these fascists DemoRats

  2. You GO Ted telling it like it is !!! I PRAY your voice creates a domino effect that blasts these peons to kingdom come !!

  3. I watched it all the way through and I thought it was wonderful go Ted Cruz way to pump up the people He had me laughing pretty good in parts.

  4. Ted Cruz was right about all of it. Most of America knew Biden was mentally compromised before he even ran for President. With all of the idiotic ideas he has conjured up, now he is going to take our money that we have worked for by getting rid of the dollar and going digital. They totally control what we buy, control what we say, and control what we do by the government having the control of our money… say what they don’t want you to say or vote for who they don’t want you to and your account will be closed…….TOTAL CONTROL over us.


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