WATCH: State Dept. official grilled over ‘mandatory’ use of pronouns in emails

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An Associated Press reporter and Deputy State Department spokesman Vedant Patel got into a heated exchange Thursday over the agency’s new policy that reportedly mandates the use of pronouns in emails.

Journalist Matt Lee, who covers the State Department for the outlet, asked Patel during his Thursday press briefing to address a reportedly “mandatory” policy implemented just hours earlier that requires internal email exchanges to include pronouns, Fox News reported.

“Have you gotten any emails from any of your colleagues before you came out here… since about noon or so?” Lee asked Patel.

Patel ducked and dodged.

Lee added, “Within the last hour and a half… the State Department’s internal email system — and I tested this, so I know that it’s true —has added pronouns to people’s … not their signature … but to where it says from. Why?”

Patel claimed he had no knowledge of the “phenomenon.”

Twitter user “The Story Teller” shared a video and details of the exchange, as follows:

Associated Press’ Matt Lee asked US State Dept Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel why there are suddenly pronouns listed in the “From” portion of emails from the department.

US State Dept Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel just balked at the question by replying that, “He would look into this”..!!!

The US state department has started using the pronouns “HIM/HER” in official emails to the media and internal departments after Joe Biden Govt issued an Executive Order that was signed in June 2021, which provisions about government agencies doing everything they can to promote diversity and inclusion.

In Section 5 of the Executive Order, it states: “The head of each agency shall take a data-driven approach to advance policies that promote diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility within the agency’s workforce, while protecting the privacy of employees and safeguarding all personally identifiable information and protected health information.”

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