WATCH: Struggling Chicago residents livid over mayor’s plan to house illegal aliens

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Residents in a Chicago neighborhood are protesting the city’s plans to establish a migrant shelter inside a closed-down elementary school, sharing that they feel “blindsided” by Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s decision.

Lightfoot’s administration has for months planned to house migrants at a vacant building formerly home to Wadsworth Elementary School, 6420 S. University Ave. in Woodlawn.

A group of Woodlawn neighborhood residents gathered Thursday morning to insist that the Chicago government provide resources for locals rather than the migrants.

One local resident, Jennifer Maddox, said, “The community feels disrespected, they feel as though they were not included, and they need answers today.”

“There is a lack of resources in our community, we don’t need anyone else to come in and suck those up. We’re tired, Ms. Lightfoot, and we will not be voting for you,” Erica, another local resident, said.

“Please withdraw your decision to put these migrants in our community,” Eric said in a plea to Lightfoot.


Reportedly, the school building has been undergoing renovations, but local residents were not told why. Now they suddenly learn the building was being fixed up to house the illegal aliens, at a cost of a whopping $1.5 million.

Residents in the community are now furious.

Below is another video of the Chicago residents speaking out:

Meanwhile, Lightfoot blasted out the following statement on Twitter on Thursday, complaining about the illegal aliens being bused to Chicago:

We support the President’s announcement today. Additionally, we look forward to continued engagement with the White House, federal executive branch stakeholders, as well as our federal elected delegation to address this ongoing national challenge around asylum seekers🧵

Which must have a national solution. Of course, we all know what is needed is comprehensive immigration reform. But in the absence of that, as a welcoming city, Chicago has a responsibility to treat asylum seekers with dignity and respect, which we have and will continue to do.

However, like other cities across the country, we are at maximum capacity in housing and services. Thus, it would simply be inhumane for cities and states to continue sending migrants to Chicago. Treating migrants like freight must end. It is simply immoral.

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