WATCH: Study: Unborn Babies Can React To Taste

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Fetuses can react to flavors, showing dislike for kale and an affinity for carrots, according to a new study conducted in Northeast England.

The study in the journal “Psychological Science,” was conducted on women at 32 and 36 weeks gestation. It was the first “direct evidence” of fetuses responding to taste from food consumed by their mothers.

“Fetuses exposed to carrot flavor (n = 35) showed “lip-corner puller” and “laughter-face gestalt” more frequently, whereas fetuses exposed to kale flavor (n = 34) showed more “upper-lip raiser,” “lower-lip depressor,” “lip stretch,” “lip presser,” and “cry-face gestalt” in comparison with the carrot group and a control group not exposed to any flavors (n = 30),” the study found.

The study said, “Findings of this study have important implications for understanding the earliest evidence for fetal abilities to sense and discriminate different flavors.”

Today tweeted Thursday, “These images from researchers show that babies in the womb can possibly react to flavor.”

Editor David Harsanyi tweeted, “Dems don’t believe this baby deserves any legal protections from violence. And that position is framed as the moderate one. (Here is study, which none of the stories link to for some reason.)”

Prof. Jackie Blissett tweeted, “So here it is. The first direct evidence that the human fetus shows facial responses to flavours from maternal diet. Can you guess which fetus’s mum had kale, and which had carrot?”

Host Tim Young responded to the Today show writing, “From the same media organization that says they are just ‘a clump of cells’ and that abortion isn’t murder…”

Author Benjamin Watson wrote, “We will study your reaction to different foods on national television but won’t holistically support your mother or fully protect your right to exist.”

Delano Squires with the Heritage Foundation said, “Thanks for telling the truth about what babies feel and do in the womb. p.s. – party headquarters is not going to like this.”

Editor Stephen L. Miller tweeted, “They can react? Huh, who knew. Imagine their reaction to vacuum suction. I bet that’s pretty wild!”

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  1. Just don’t get it they find bullshit specs of life on the moon or wherever in space they call that life but all the facts we have on newborns and fetuses they still won’t admit that,that is life and are so willing to destroy it guess I shouldn’t be surprised cause these are the same idiots who don’t know what a woman is.

  2. How could anyone want to ever end a beautiful life such as those, they are human beings from the moment of conception, I pray that the “woke” WAKE UP and realize that


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