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Demonstrations against COVID-19 restrictions broke out in a handful of cities in Central Europe this weekend, including one protest waged just outside the home of a German health minister.

The health minister for the German state of Saxony, Petra Köpping, condemned a rally organized by a right-wing extremist group that took place outside of her home on Friday evening, during which protestors carried torches and chanted about their opposition to the country’s COVID-19 policies, Deutsche Welle reported.

The article goes on to state the following:

Several protests also occurred on Saturday in Frankfurt and Berlin. The demonstrations in Frankfurt appeared to be more violent, according to Reuters, as pepper spray and batons were used by police to break up the several hundred people in attendance who had allegedly attacked officers and were not social distancing or wearing masks.

An estimated 40,000 people turned out to protest in Vienna, Austria on Saturday.

Thousands took to the streets in other European countries as well.  See videos below for a sampling of the protests:

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  1. The Freedom war has started . People are waking up .I never liked the EU time to defund them and the United Nations !

    Biden Beware theres 80 million of us waiting for our turn to peace fully protest !

  2. Americans stop being the fools they use it’s another human that makes all those viruses to kill us with When we don’t die by the millions they just create a new one We are waiting And have given the elected time to change They have continued to throw down every evil thing they can contrive. MSM’s you are in this as much as politicians
    We are coming And those people who set behind computers censoring other people You can’t hide very long.
    It’s coming And this time it’s going to make the revolutionary war look like a picnic You think you can turn the Military on us Well those that count are leaving your wussie Military.
    By the time they remove their stockings and find their panties
    Well. I am old and may not see this But I will give my life For The Lord God of Heaven and my family and my country For I know this blood thirsty evil regime is coming for me and all old people Democrats and at least 80 republicans have committed treason.
    You forget There’s millions out here that are trained and ready.
    The democrats /rinos have had long enough to stop. But the fools they are will not stop And will find out
    They will either suffer by our hands
    Or God who is about to rain fire and hell down on them will
    Coming sense does not exist in this regime Only hate and murder


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