WATCH: Top House Intel GOP says Biden probe ‘looks more like a cover-up than an investigation’

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Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) criticized the Justice Department’s probe of President Joe Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified documents, following an announcement on Saturday that the DOJ found more classified documents in the president’s possession.

Turner, the highest ranking GOP member of the House intelligence committee, criticized the investigation Sunday while speaking with Margaret Brennan on CBS News’ Face the Nation.

“I think it looks more like a cover-up than an investigation,” Turner said of the DOJ’s probe.

“Clearly he’s become a serial classified document hoarder. Why did he have these? Who did he show them to? I mean the only reason you could think of why anyone would take them out of a classified space and home is to show them to somebody. Who did he show them to? This is gonna be crucial, I think, to the special counsel’s investigation is why did the president have these classified documents, who did he show them to, and is it connected to the Biden family business,” Turner added.


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  1. Yep, the Presidents admistration, DOJ and Biden’s lawyer need to go through and pull out all the incriminating documentation and redact them before turning the over to the Republicans for review. Jim Jordan needs to go to the Supreme Court to force the DOJ to hand over all documents taken from various locations the Biden’s own.

  2. Of course it’s a coverup. The FBI doesn’t solve crime. It manages crime.

    The media calls it a “search” when it’s Biden’s home but a “raid” when it’s Mar-a-Lago. The DOJ “collected” documents from Biden, but “seized” documents from Trump.

    Trump had absolute declassification authority and discretion with respect to which papers to bring away from his presidency. He did nothing illegal. He did not follow established procedures, but since he had absolute authority on the issue, he didn’t need to. Also, his papers were kept in a secure location.

    The Usurper was in illegal possession of classified documents in numerous unsecured locations. As Senator and as Vice President, he had no declassification authority. Throw the book at him. He deserves it!

  3. The attempts of the Obama/ Rice sedition team erroneously led by a de-facto president & vice president will be met by a violent response that few Americans have ever seen. But- a response that it warranted.
    Mr Garland and his family would be well advised to leave the country.
    I’m going to enjoy watching the obama and biden family swing

  4. Cover up ? Hell even fox is covering it up to some degree as they never reiterate the fact that Biden had absolutely no authority to have any classified documents at all when he was the VP. Let alone as a senator unlike President Trump who had all the authority too possess any classified document he wanted to .

  5. And right off the bat trying to discredit President Trump… Fthe B. Biden is a criminal and always has been …

  6. With the Wild parties Hunter threw at the house it’s hard telling who seen then
    Most of the documents were probably faxed to Chinese operatives from that address

  7. I like to say I’m sorry. I’ve always had a big crush 😍 on Trump. I just can’t help myself it’s why I can’t stop talking about him. Trumps always been my hero ever since I watched The Apprentice. His big ✋️ hands✋️ 😳 O I love big hands especially Trumps

  8. Agree 100% with you Erin. All dems do is lie and deny even when the proof is right there and they still
    get away with whatever they are trying to get away with.


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