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Joe Biden proclaimed last Thursday that all U.S. companies who have over 100 employees now must require their employees to receive the coronavirus vaccine or test them weekly.

The next day, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, a retired cardiac surgeon and immunologist, unleashed on Biden in a barrage of Twitter posts and announced that he now regrets voting for Biden.

Noorchashm has made it clear that he is all for safe Covid-19 vaccinations, but also argues that natural immunity is just as effective, and often more effective, than a vaccine. He says there should be an exemption for those who have already had the virus itself, and is warning of the consequences of a vaccine mandate.

“What @POTUS @WhiteHouse R not seeing is that rational consensus and trust R at the root of voluntary civil compliance. When @POTUS irrationally left no room 4 automatic exemption of millions of already immune Americans from mandated vax, he ERODED trust and undermined America,” Noorchashm declared on Friday.

“Immunity mandates” R critical to securing public health. But “immunity mandates” aren’t the same as “vaccine mandates” – especially in the midst of pandemic when millions R already immune from natural infection. “Vaccine mandates” in the already immune R unethical & illegal!” the doctor tweeted.

Noorchashm added, “I voted for Biden….As a McCain republican. It was an error and I now regret it. Last night’s chest beating press conference by @POTUS
was one of the most destructive and divisive speeches ever given by a US president who claims 2 B a well-reasoned uniter, acting on science.”

The scathing rebuke against Biden continues, as follows:

LET ME BE CLEAR @POTUS: To mandate vaccination of any COVID-recovered American against his/her will is unscientific, unethical and illegal!@WhiteHouse U have overstepped and are operating in dangerous territory when it comes to already immune Americans. Cease and desist!

Another sad political answer from Dr. Fauci! “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that”.

YES, YOU DO! Natural Immunity is AT LEAST AS GOOD as “full vaccination”! No justification for @POTUS not allowing automatic exemption for the COVID-recovered!

To all the belligerent trolls now piling on my Twitter feed: My ONE AND ONLY point is that COVID-recovered Americans with established immunity shouldn’t B MANDATED an unnecessary vaccination. The vast majority of these millions R equally if not better immune than the vaxxed!

Yo trolls….It’s possible to understand the power and efficacy of the C-19 vaccine and to know the critical importance of “Immunity Mandates” – while at the same time understanding that COVID-recovered people are robustly immune and should not be mandated/forced to get vaxxed.

Here’s a question: We already know that many thousands of “breakthrough infections” are happening in the vaccinated….But how many “re-infections” are happening in the COVID-recovered?

The answer: NOT MANY! Why is @POTUS mandating vax in the COVID-recovered against their will?

Noorchashm slammed an FDA advisory that that states antibody testing is not recommended to assess immunity:

Why get COVID-19 antibody tested? Because when people see that they are not immune they are far more likely to get vaccinated! But why is @US_FDA discouraging Americans from getting antibody tested? Dangerous error!

THIS @US_FDA ADVISORY IS A CLEAR AND PRESENT NATIONAL HEALTH AND ECONOMIC SECURITY THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES.@SenRonJohnson knows that the American people have an urgent “Right to Know” the status of their personal immunity to SARS-CoV-2.

If you are not already immune, it is critical that you undergo vaccination to become immunized against SARS-CoV-2. This Fall and Winter will be tough in America – many more will contract COVID-19. Remember, IMMUNITY, is our way out of this pademic.#ScreenB4Vaccine AND AFTER!

Noorchashm continues to sound the alarm, now demanding Biden’s impeachment:

The @POTUS @WhiteHouse R irreversibly breaking America. Rationality and balance scientific thinking are escaping America. IMPEACH before it’s too late! These are perilous times for our children’s future.

Let’s B clear, @POTUS, it’s not that COVID-recovered Americans may not derive a marginal benefit from added vaccination – it’s that when U force vaxx on them under threat of loss, U’re doing so while they R equally protected from infection as R the “fully vaxxed”. U R in breach!

Mandated vaccination of already immune COVID-recovered Americans against their will is an UNPRECEDENTED breach of medical ethics, good immunological science and, VERY LIKELY, the US Constitution itself, by @POTUS!

I want 2 B clear. I am 100% for a COVID-19 immunity mandate! The only point is that @POTUS’ unwillingness to “accommodate” the COVID-recovered and already immune Americans, who do not want vaxx, poses a danger to our republic’s stability and may breach the Constitution.

The BIG mistake @POTUS is making with his vax mandate is that he is not understanding that in a plural liberal democracy compliance CANNOT be demanded without reasonably accommodating unique individual or “class” circumstances. So doing injures the constitution and the nation.

Noorchashm was a guest on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning. WATCH the interview below:

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  1. Hey we tried to warn people about Biden and Harris and that they were just puppets for Obama and Pelosi and that gang. But did y’all listen to sound reasoning nope y’all just hated Trump so much you just didn’t care about what was gonna happen under a Biden administration. Even though everyone knew what a rotten politician he is from all his years in Washington.

  2. While SOME opinion here is fine NOT going ALL the way with it is WRONG . NOONE should be FORCED to vaccinate and IF it is SO important why is the postal service AND congress EXEMPT ?? go to HELL reminds me of obamacare HIS admin was exempt from being gorced on it because like this jab , obamacare was an epic failure and THEY knew it from the beginning.

  3. YOUR creditably is totally gone after you admitted to voting for this POS, so your opinion means nothing. YOU along with whoever voted for the clown are NOT Americans, so enjoy what YOU voted for

  4. Just had a anti body test along with standard blood work. No covid, i dont wear a mask and hardly ever/if ever get sick. I AM NOT taking the death jab regardless.

  5. I had Covid, have not been vaccinated (fortunately had it before there was a ‘vaccine’) and utterly resent the idiots running around with their masks waving their ‘I was vaccinated, YOU are the problem’ signs. The ‘vaccines’ do not work worth a crap and as time goes on they work less and less. Fauci thinks we will need numerous more ‘vaccine mandates’ to get past this? Imagine letting them put several more doses of that untested poison into you – or your KID. NO F’ing way.

  6. Like Brian suggests, I think there are ulterior motives for WHY they want everyone vaccinated. It’s all about CONTROL. They want to be able to control the masses for their new world order where we all are the slaves and they are the masters enjoying the fruits of OUR labor. Kinda reminds me of the Matrix.

    • There are a lot of things that movies point out that are happening or will happen in our country or world that ppl should pay attention to. There is more truth being told then you know.

  7. It’s not only about Control, but about the Money! Big Pharma is making billions on these vaccines and once everyone is vaxed, there will be boaster shots for all the varients. And guess who’s pockets will be stuffed…FDA, Biden, Fauci, Dem party, etc. Just like when the Dems pushed thru the bailout for the Performing Arts and continued support for Planned Parenthood and many other organizations, those organizations turn around and give the party a sizeable donation! Follow the money folks. Our govt is so corrupt, I don’t know if we will ever get rid of the swamp. There is too much quick sand around it!


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