WATCH: Trump receives standing ovation, holds up defiant fist as he arrives at Tulsa wrestling event

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Donald Trump held up a defiant fist as he arrived at the NCAA Wrestling Championships at BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma after revealing he’d be arrested on Tuesday.

The former U.S president made the declaration about his arrest in connection to claims he paid porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their alleged affair.

Trump had earlier urged his supporters to ‘protest, protest, protest’ against the imminent charges with a inflammatory post made to his TruthSocial platform – supporters were seen gathering outside the wrestling arena upon his arrival. Pictures from the arena show a calm and collected former U.S. president despite the firestorm which has erupted since his TruthSocial posts.


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  1. The Statue of limitations has run out on that case and I believe he was already not convicted in that case All you pathetic Lib Losers he Straight TH

  2. The Washington establishment is at a crossroads. If they arrest him they will have completely changed their relationship with at least half the country while making Trump a national symbol of defiance to their tyranny. The more the raise their hand against him, the more half the country see it as raising their hand against them. They are making Trump bigger that he could have ever made himself. I’m starting to think God loves irony.

  3. Democrats have never respected limits. Trump will exploit that if/when they arrest him. Remember, America’s revolution was precipitated by the arrest attempts against John Hancock and Samuel Adams. The Biden Usurpation is so tyrannical it would cause King George III to blush. They think all of us are sheep. But keep fucking around and find out.

  4. Paid for some poon tang. That’s between him and his wife. I’m sure all these worthless politicians that are pointing fingers, have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in hush money. Bill Clinton for sure.

  5. Companies pay people all the time in non disclosure settlements. Its not illegal. If anything Stormy should be charged with extortion. This is going to backfire big time and KARMA is going to rule the day.
    Trump 2024


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