WATCH: Trump surprises Kari Lake by calling into her ‘Save Arizona’ rally

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Former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake held a ‘Save Arizona’ rally on Sunday to garner support for her ongoing legal battle over the state’s 2022 election.

During the rally, Lake appeared surprised when Former President Donald Trump phoned in to offer his support to Lake and her efforts to restore election integrity in her state.

Following the roaring cheer from the crowd, Trump said Lake was a “fantastic person” and slammed the electoral process that resulted in her loss in the race for Arizona governor back in 2022.

Trump said, “It was a shame- what happened. They had the machines that were “broken,” a lot of these Republican area machines were broken,” adding that, “ultimately she will be victorious.”

“We love you President Trump,” Lake replied as the crowd cheered.


Lake took the time to extensively cover the irregularities and variety of issues that occurred in Arizona on election day in 2022.


WATCH the full rally below:

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  1. Cheated right in front of everyone, sounds like a busted pipe kinda vote… 🤔 If this isn’t figured out and stopped soon bad things will happen from good people…. It’s just a matter of time…


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