WATCH: Trump unleashes on Joe Biden in Memorial Day video statement

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Former President Donald Trump, currently the front-runner in the 2024 GOP presidential race, ripped into Joe Biden in a fiery video statement on Friday, as the Memorial Day weekend begins.

“As you gather with family and friends this weekend, everything is more expensive – a lot more expensive, actually – because of Joe Biden’s reckless policies that have caused soaring energy costs and currency inflation like our country hasn’t seen for over 50 years,” Trump began.

“This Memorial Day, gas prices are up 48 percent since Joe took office. That’s right, 48 percent. Food prices are up 18 percent. Airline prices are up 41 percent. Taxes are higher than ever. Interest rates for mortgages and car loans have put the American Dream out of reach for countless millions of families. Meanwhile, in the Joe Biden economy, real wages are down 25 months in a row. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. In fact, it’s the longest streak on record,” he continued.

“The typical American family this Memorial Day weekend has lost an average of nearly $7,000 a year in purchasing power because of Joe Biden’s failed presidency. You can take the worst five presidents in history and they haven’t done the damage that Joe Biden has done, just add ’em up!”

“But help is on the way,” Trump added. “On day one I will begin to reverse the disastrous effects of Biden’s inflation and rebuild the greatest economy in the history of the world. I will unleash energy independence and we will bring the price of gasoline down immediately by ending Biden’s foolish war on American energy.”

“By Memorial Day 2025 our country will be roaring back,” Trump vowed.

WATCH his full statement in the video below:

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  1. They are not going to stop attacking Trump. When he gets back, they know they will be exposed, I can’t wait to see the perp walks FJB and all you corrupt establishment rat 🐀 bastards . Trump 2024 .

    • They will do the same to any Republican who wins the nomination and/or the Presidency. The lying democrat thugs will stop at nothing to retain power. You watch the cheating bastards in the swing states like AZ WI MI try the bullshit again. A single county in Michigan had 613,000 votes with unverified signatures, but of course they got counted for joe the fuck biden. There is proof but nothing done about it. There is also proof in AZ that the voting machines were being loaded with undersized 19″ paper instead of 20″ paper to print ballots which resulted in the printed final ballot being a couple lines off, The hobbs election was a total fraud in Maricopa County. Forensic audits were conducted again recently and this was found that the undersized paper caused it. How convenient. The machines were tampered with, no doubt about it at this point and the election board knew about it but let it slide. How convenient. That bitch hobbs hasn’t been removed yet. Kari Lake is back in court again, and it ain’t over til it’s over.

  2. Our legal President Trump is right on everything! I can’t wait until this all unfolds! God bless our true President!
    Red white & blue 🇺🇸 Thank you God for guidance & truth.


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