WATCH: Tucker Carlson: Bill Barr’s Assessment Of Epstein’s Death Is ‘Transparently Absurd’

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted former Attorney General William Barr Wednesday, claiming Barr’s assessment about the death of Jeffrey Epstein was “transparently absurd.”

“[Barr’s] first reaction, as he recounts in his memoir, was to worry that some people in America might not buy the idea that Jeffrey Epstein had killed himself,” Carlson said. “Quote, ‘No one’s gonna believe it was a suicide,’ Barr fretted to his chief of staff. ‘There will be conspiracy theories all over the place.’ Now, that’s a pretty odd response if you think about it.”

Epstein, a financier, reportedly committed suicide Aug. 9, 2019, while being held in jail awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

Carlson questioned, “Three and a half years after one of the most widely covered deaths of our time, there is still no answers and there is still no accountability. Why is that? Well, many reasons probably, but one of them is that Washington veteran Bill Barr, the only man in the modern era to serve as attorney general twice, declared the Epstein case closed.”

He said, “What’s amazing in retrospect is that none of these reporters… ever thought to revisit Bill Barr’s assessment of Epstein’s death and measure it against the basic tenets of common sense. If you did that, you saw what Bill Barr said about Jeffrey Epstein was transparently absurd and very obviously dishonest. Barr began by claiming that the medical examiner that conducted Epstein’s autopsy ruled his death a suicide, but that’s not true. The initial cause of death following the autopsy was not suicide but pending, which is to say unclear.”


WATCH the full segment posted below:

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  1. There’s a reason why Ghislane Maxwell is giving behind bars interviews claiming the photo with Prince Andrew and Guiffrie is a photo shopped fake. She doesn’t want the same fate behind bars. She will always keep her mouth shut and the pedos free to do what they do. No accountability for the victims.

  2. Why wouldn’t Barr take Tuckers offer to defend himself and his integrity on live TV?? Because he’s knew about the Epstein murder plot before it happened! I hope this Scum will answer for his actions some day.

  3. Maybe Bill Barr doesn’t want the public to know that he is a pedophile himself, and may have had possible ties with Epstein? Just a thought!


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