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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information written by Tucker Carlson for his Monday night monologue and published by Fox News:

If you watch Donald Trump closely over his four years in office, and we did, it became pretty clear that the more outlandish the claim that Trump happened to be making, the more likely it was to be true.

Trump did tend to exaggerate at times, but it’s mostly about topics that didn’t matter. How big was the crowd at his 2016 inauguration? Who cares? But on the big things, on matters of civilizational importance, Trump told the truth bluntly, often when nobody else would.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Iraq War was a mistake, Trump said. Illegal immigration is a disaster. China is taking over the world. Haiti is a pretty crappy place. Deafening hysteria followed every one of these demonstrably true statements.

Carlson played a video of then-President Donald Trump’s 2020 60 Minutes interview with host Leslie Stahl, when Trump told her the Clinton team had spied on his campaign, and Stahl insisted it wasn’t true.

Carlson then laid out the case for why Trump was RIGHT based on details revealed in Special Counsel John Durham’s latest filing made public on Friday.

According to Durham, Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid to infiltrate the servers at multiple locations, including Trump Tower and finally the White House after former President Donald Trump took office.


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  1. They need burned at the stake. Let’s treat her the way Salem did to the witches. They knew then what the result would be if left to live. Take them out of public now

  2. So now what? How can Joe Biden’s presidency be authentic? He should be ousted & all gloves on! The cuffs should come out & people like Clinton, Obama, Biden & anyone involved need to be dragged through the wringer on National T.V. Jake Sullivan needs to resign a s.a.p. Criminal charges on anyone who had anything to do with this disaster of a sitting President. The Democratic party is creepy & certainly shows how far they will go for power. Anyone involved needs to be jailed & Hillary should be finished!!!! Why isn’t the Fake news reporting this to Americans who deserve to know? Where’s Humpty Dumpty now? I imagine he is feverishly watching Fox so that CNN can conspire more Fake News..No sir, let Truth prevail!!!! MAGA


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