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Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson tore into GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) Monday evening in a merciless takedown.

Carlson alleged that while McCarthy is working in Washington, D.C., he rents a room from political and communications consultant and pollster Frank Luntz.

Carlson noted that Luntz lobbies on behalf of some of the world’s most left-wing corporations.

“At the same time he’s doing that, he also advises the leadership of the Republican Party,” Carlson added, saying Luntz is “effectively a Democrat.”

“In real life, his views bear no resemblance to the views of actual Republican voters,” Carlson said.

However, he noted that Luntz is a personal friend to McCarthy… and they’re not simply friends, but they’re also roommates, he alleged.


McCarthy has not yet tweeted in response to Carlson’s report, but Twitter is already on fire over the story.

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  1. RINO McCarthy cut from the same cloth as McConnell. May the Lord, show him his erroneous ways!

  2. McCarthy is my area, it’s about time someone did a story on his bs! He always back the wrong candidate for our area, then flips when proven wrong ..he is one of the swamp

  3. Our elected officials are getting MORE BIZARRE & CORRUPT by the day, this McCarthy- Luntz story no exception? WASHINGTON DC makes the TWILIGHT ZONE look like Romper Room?? 🤣

  4. And yet we wonder why the wacky policy decisions by the radical liberals, who are destroying America, go unchallenged.

  5. I’m so damn sick of these Democrats & Republicans.
    That swamp, & I mean ALL in Congress & the Senate should be thrown out.
    Start new, with sane, logical Americans, who WILL work for us.
    And take a look at the Supreme Court.
    Justice John Roberts should be kicked to the curb.
    Tucker does a great job, in finding out who is working against us.

  6. This is why I love to watch Tucker. I record him every night. We need to know who the swamp dwellers are. I never felt good about McCarthy or Luntz. McCarthy called out Trump about Jan 6th and won’t stand up to the B, Liz Cheney. Then he visits Trump in Florida. He’s what I always call “anybody’s dog that’ll hunt him”. Spineless ba$tard.

  7. McCarthy is a lieing, treasonous RINO! He can’t be trusted. We need 4 year term limits for these worthless swamp donkeys! Just hope We the People remember who all the swamp rats are when it comes voting time!


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