WATCH: Tyre Nichols’ family attorney insists racial bias to blame in death

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Civil rights attorney Ben Crump doubled down on calling the beating death of Tyre Nichols racially motivated on Sunday.

Crump is representing Nichols’s family in the aftermath of his death. Nichols was beaten by five police officers that have since been fired from the Memphis Police Department and charged with second-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping. The 29 year old, who was unarmed and would go on to die of his injuries days later. Crump appeared on ABC’s This Week with Martha Raddatz to share his thoughts on what should happen in the wake of such a tragedy.

“In my 25 years of doing this civil rights law all across America, Martha, it is not the race of the police officer that is the determining factor whether they’re going to engage in excessive use of force, but it is the race of the citizen,” Crump said. “Oftentimes, it’s the black and brown citizens that bear the brunt of the brutality.”

Crump also notably represented Trayvon Martin, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.


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  1. More of the typical blame game trying to pin this on whitey even though absolutely “0” whitey’s involved. They will never take responsibility for their failures, it’s always an excuse or someone else’s fault. So typical of this culture and notice your not hearing j Reid ranting and raving with her racist hate narrative, wonder why?

    • Right on point TDD. I was thinking exactly the same thing about joy reid. That blubbering twatwaffle would be enraged in a second. She probably has already thought about it but have not heard anything from her or sonny hostin of the view. hostin is another one just like reid. Both always try to play the victim in spite of their jobs and the money they make. Not buying the racial injustice here, they were all black officers. It had nothing to do with skin color, but hate was involved here. My question is WHY? Why did the officers do this horrible thing. Now let’s wait to hear from the seahags of the view. I’m sure that hostin will have something to say. This was a tragic senseless attack on an unarmed man. I don’t support violence of any type, doesn’t matter color of your skin. The officers should all go to jail for life, or an “eye for an eye” if that is even a law in Tennessee.

  2. Reparations!!! Whiteys fault blacks are 6 generations of welfare. I agree the White Democrats that still owns your asses !!! The party of KKK , and what has BLM done for you all , and planned parenthood was started to abort all your babies ,,, Face you all been duped !!

  3. Crump is a race baiter just like Sharpton. He gets paid to be a racist. When Crump chases the ambulance people expect him to throw around the race card. He can’t let his people down.

    • Sharpton is giving the Eulogy and service. So sad. This was a good kid. He doesn’t deserve to go to his final resting place with the race baiting trumpetter Sharpton. Tyre deserves better!

      • Trumpsters? WTH. Are you related to KRON, Or are you one and the same Trump hater person? This is no relation to Trump. 🙄 Either or the family is trying to get more money is a false way just like George Floyd’s family did. This family should sue them for cop violence, not prejudice. George Floyd did from drug overdose and the cops did not handle it well. Especially putting his knee on his neck! BLM grabbed onto it as prejudice. BLM made money from it (millions), and George’s family made money from iT (Millions) . Hell, the one holding the camera on George’s arrest and death made $600,00 from go fund me. It’s all about the money. If it is just cops violence, they won’t make that much. They have to go with both cops violence and prejudice. 🙄

  4. There’s a guy trying to claim the spotlight. How disgusting. It wasn’t racially motivated. It was democrat motivated. Because of their push to defund police, and the best ones are gone or retired. This is squarely on the shoulders of liberals/democrats, and it needs to be addressed! Stop letting liberals drive narrative! They are why we are where we are, today!

  5. Racial what race??????they are the same fuced up race BLACKS.

    So the Blacks in Chicago killing each other that’s racial bullshit too, What a moron, idiot

  6. Crump you are an “Ambulance Chasing Racist” you slip & fall lawyers are all the same.. you just wait with a packed suitcase just incase you need to fly to the next intercity case.. sickening so sick of seeing your ugly mug on the news feed‼️👎
    What happened to this man will be.sorted out in a trial .. STOP WITH THE RACE BS‼️‼️👎👎

    • All most forgot Al Sharpton standing right beside you Crump your all the same Slip & Fall Ambulance Chasers‼️‼️👎👎👎

  7. Always pushing their agenda! Ridiculous, we aren’t falling for it. This is why I turn off the news. I’m sick of propaganda.

  8. Seems blacks are killing blacks these days & justifying it by using the word Racially motivated. Seems the real issue is that people cannot control their own Rage about anything ever & this attorney throws fuel in the fire!

  9. Mr. Crump always pushes race when he defends a black person. It is always the white man’s fault for black man’s mistakes. This kind of talk only causes division and hate.

  10. Tyre deserves a real reverend give his eulogy not some fake Al Sharpton who never got a degree from a divinity school. Sharpton is a charlatan and doesn’t know Tyre from a hole in the wall.

    • sharpton is only there to show his ugliness and race baiting, nothing more. He always looks like a pimp in those ugly striped suits he wears as he exits his chauffeured pimp mobile. Surely not someone anyone would want to give a eulogy. Most certainly he will bring up the race card when he speaks even though this has nothing to do with it. I guess obama had a hand in this as sharpton is obama’s “GO-TO” black leader. But, we always knew obama made poor choices.

  11. Crump is looking for his next big payday. That is all he wants. What a slimy racebaiting creep. Using other peoples misery to get rich. At least this family really deserves to be compensated for their son.


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