WATCH: UK doctor who worked at Al-Shifa says Hamas used hospital complex for ‘non-medical purposes’

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TeamDML offers insights, opinions, podcasts, videos and other forms of content intended to educate and better explain trending news that is made available to the public by third parties. In this particular case, we refer to an excerpt from Fox News:

A U.K. doctor who worked at the Al-Shifa hospital says there were areas of the complex where he was not allowed to go on threat of being shot.

He said he frequently saw “dodgy-looking non-medical characters” going in and out of the restricted area, adding that hospital workers avoided the area for fear of Hamas.

“I was welcome everywhere else, and as I say, the doctors and nurses there were very welcoming and very kind, and the hushed tones under which this was said were consistent with all the other hushed tones with which Hamas was discussed. You know, people were genuinely fearful,” the doctor, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told France 24

“When I was first asked to work there, I was told that there was a part of the hospital I was not to go near, and if I did, I’d be in danger of being shot,” he said, adding that he wasn’t given any explanation except that the area was being used for “non-medical purposes.”

He said the “dodgy-looking”, “non-medical” characters he saw going in and out of that area were going into a ward leading to a basement.

“I cannot emphasize too much the air of collective paranoia that existed there,” the doctor stressed.

The doctor, who worked in Gaza well before the Oct. 7 terrorist attack, said even then, that the people there may have been 10% fearful of a potential Israeli airstrike, but they were 90% fearful of Hamas.

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