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A U.S. Navy ship carrying the name of slain gay rights leader Harvey Milk was formally christened and launched Saturday in San Diego Bay.

AP reports the replenishment oiler USNS Harvey Milk was welcomed into service after a bottle of champagne was smashed on the bow by former Navy officer Paula M. Neira, clinical program director for the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health.

The article goes on to state the following:

Milk’s nephew, Stuart Milk, and U.S. Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro joined the traditional public ceremony.

Del Toro said, “The secretary of the Navy needed to be here today, not just to amend the wrongs of the past, but to give inspiration to all of our LGBTQ community leaders who served in the Navy, in uniform today and in the civilian workforce as well too, and to tell them that we’re committed to them in the future.”

“He has a less-than-honorable discharge. He was forced to resign because he was gay,” Stuart Milk, co-founder and president of the Harvey Milk Foundation said. “We have to teach our history to prevent ourselves from going backwards and repeating it.”


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    • Thats an understatement. Can you imagine the embarrassment the sailors who have to serve on that ship will endure? Not only from other sailors, but other branches of the military.

  1. Well That’s the icing on the cake.
    Muslims call American men Puss— s
    I know my sister married one of them . Now this proves we a have a ball- less military.
    Our military is to represent and protect us. America now has one more thing to be ashamed of.
    It seems they won’t leave anything alone. Getting rid of men is the Goal of the LBGT . That’s a fact.
    But stupid No men no people !

  2. What an absolute embarrassment. Did they also get the Village People to perform “In The Navy”? Hostile enemy armed forces must be having a field day of laughter.

  3. A woke and weak minded military will be our downfall period! These generals have no business leading our country! The are all bought off POS! THEY ARE ON THEIR KNEES TAKING CARE OF THE CHINESE!

  4. Once the Republican takes over the White House, we must reverse everything these people are doing…Including this beautiful Ship…..Get everything back to normal…including giving their retirement to all those 1,2, 3 and 4 Liberal Stars General…and bring back those soldiers and officers who the liberals discharged by being conservatives….

  5. Now thy can cut orders for every openly gay sailor to serve as ships company. How appropriate, a fleet oiler. 😂😅🤣
    Servicing the fleet.
    A floating whorehouse.
    I wouldn’t want to serve on that ship ever.

  6. Did he fought any war? If not, then why honor him? Should be Babbitt’s name on the ship. She was a hero who fought for our country !


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