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Several protesters demonstrating against coronavirus vaccine mandates at New York City’s restaurants were arrested Friday evening after they refused to leave an Olive Garden location in Times Square, according to videos posted to social media.

“This is the Civil Rights movement again!” one man shouted while being handcuffed, a video from independent journalist @ScooterCasterNY showed.

The article goes on to state the following:

In another video posted by the journalist, protesters were heard chanting “U-S-A!” and singing the national anthem before their arrests.

Proof of vaccine is now required to dine inside any restaurant in New York City.

The Olive Garden restaurant usually stays open until midnight, but closed early Friday night after the protesters remained inside for two hours and refused to leave.

Multiple videos of the protest were posted to social media:

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  1. Dog and pony show in NY! No one cares anymore it’s stupidity v the real Americans, I’m sure this will all die down this year, the virus is here to stay like the flu. At least this group wasn’t afraid to say something and you can’t arrest them all

  2. So BLM are allowed to intimidate & beat people & loot & burn, the left calling it peaceful protest, but no one else is allowed to protest? We are losing our country piece by piece by piece😔people better wake up & do something or we will be the carbon copy of Australia pretty soon. My heart breaks for my grandchildren & great grandchildren💔

  3. Sorry New York trolls, you keep voting for these DEMONcrates that LOVE to control and manipulate the masses so enjoy. Pathetic ignorant minions


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