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President Trump shared a video on his Twitter account Thursday of a Black American man who says he’s voting for Donald J. Trump, and then proceeds to explain why.

The man’s identity, date or location of interview is not provided in the video, which is going wildly viral, with over 5.5 million views so far in just over 24 hours since it was posted to Twitter.

The man says Trump “is the best president since life’s bread.” He says Trump does what he says he’s going to do. Referring to reports about Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, who has come out publicly against the president, the man blasted her, saying, “She doesn’t even know what a great man she has in her own family. She gets paid to talk garbage!”

When asked about Biden, he said, “That criminal! In 47 years, he didn’t do nothing for the black man more than make a crime bill and brag about it, and then he come and tried to apologize. He’s a crazy kid.”

“He’s blaming the president for the virus! How can you blame the president? Nobody knew at the time!” he declared.

“I’m watching the American people, I’m standing back and watching, because they can’t take away the Second Amendment,” he added.

“So you’re telling people to vote for Trump, right?” the person interviewing him asked.

“They have to,” the man said, turning deadly serious. “If they don’t vote for Trump, it’s finished, brother. God is in the midst. He’s sealed and covered by the blood. They can’t touch him. God sent him at the right time. Believe me. He’s the best. He’s the greatest thing since life’s bread.”

WATCH the video below:

Thousands of Twitter users have commented on the video. One Twitter user writes, “I’ve watched this ten times Nd I weep every time at the end when he says God is in the mix. And I don’t know why. I’m an atheist.”

@realDonaldTrump, dear Sir, Please call this gentleman to the @WhiteHouse for afternoon tea.
His conviction in your effective leadership will be the cornerstone to your victory,” another Twitter user wrote.

“This man is smart he’s been around and he know’s what’s going on in this Country. He understands what’s at stake if we lose this election he also knows how great our President is. If only you could see what he see’s.We need to win for this man. Let’s go people, vote Trump2020🇺🇸,” Susie added.

“I can’t stop watching this. I hope Potus gets to see this. A lot of black people love him and appreciate what he is doing. Many people don’t know this. Black people are not stupid. We have eyes and we can see,” someone else added.

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  1. They are misquoting him. He said Donald Trump is the greatest thing since SLICED bread, not LIFE bread. He is absolutely 100% correct! 😊

  2. Yes, I saw this video yesterday on another website. It popped up and I got intrigued. I can feel that this man has deep wisdom and soul. I can see it in his eyes. I felt the video was too short and I wanted to listen to this man for hours. May God bless him.


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