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WATCH: Video going viral of appalling incident involving 9-year-old girl on school bus [DML RESPONDS]

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A disturbing video is going viral on social media of a third grade little girl, only 9 years old, being pummeled by a high school male student on a school bus.

In the video, another child appears to be encouraged to join in the attack as well, while the little girl is seen trying to cover her head.

The video has outraged many, and the parents are reportedly planning to press criminal charges, according to Local10 News in South Florida:

Local10 News writes:

The mother says her daughter is a third grade student at Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead.

“I got sent the video of my daughter getting attacked by an older kid,” the mother, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Local 10 News.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials confirmed they responded to the incident around 4:10 p.m. Wednesday in the area of 24400 SW 124th Ave. Officials said they assessed two children for injuries, who were then released to their parents.

In addition to their 9-year-old daughter, the parents have a 7-year-old son and a 10-year-old son who also attend the school, and said they have complained about bullying before, but the principal, assistant principal and even a counselor have done nothing about it.

The three children just started attending this school in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools district on January 9.

“We’ve had issues before with my son and the kids on the bus, and also in the cafeteria and at dismissal. I already drew the line and I was also on phone with the district — I spoke with someone from the district — and the only thing they could advise me of was to continue to speak with the principal and pull up a bully report,” the mother explained.

The mother, in speaking with Local10 News, wanted to remain anonymous.

The school released a statement, which said, in part:

“Miami-Dade Schools Police arrested the offender and they will be charged accordingly. Additionally, those involved will be disciplined according to the Code of Student Conduct. The safety and wellbeing of our students is of the utmost importance. This school district goes to great lengths to promote the values of restraint and respect as well as using social media responsibly. We ask that parents reinforce these principles at home.”


DMLNewsApp and founder Dennis Michael Lynch furiously responded to the video.

“Teachers, admin, bus driver who let bullying fester MUST be FIRED. Parents of kids who beat on the girl should be in jail. If authorities/DA don’t put the punk POS who beat the girl in jail, then shame on you. If this was my daughter, people would need to hide! @GovRonDeSantis,” he wrote.

On Wednesday, the Miami-Dade Schools had posted a statement on Twitter, encouraging kindness.

“During February, let’s spread KINDNESS and compassion to those around us! Kindness is more powerful than we think, and together we can make a difference in our communities. #ValuesMatterMiami,” the school wrote.

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  1. The parents of this girl should sue the pants off of the school district and all who participated. That includes the bus driver. The older boy should be expelled and attend an alternative school. He is a pos punk!!

  2. as long as it’s not a racist act, i’m sure that lil white girl was at fault in some way.
    That black kid should be in juvi for assault … both of them. this behavior is getting old and the parents of kids like this should start being charged also

    • Parents should be charged for any crime their child commits. After all, they are legally responsible for their child’s actions.

    • That little girl looks to be a light skin black. Not all of color are real dark. But you can tell she’s got black in her. Race should have nothing to do with this. Boy needs charged with attempted murder. Even the little boy trying to beat on her need charged. Principal and bus driver etc.all persons in between, Need fired! Immediately!

  3. He actually should be charged as an adult! Pathetic SOB! Maybe if someone was to beat the sh!t out of him, he might become a better person. I bet the school didn’t want to do anything because the girl is white and the boy beating her is black!

  4. Not good and then the little white boy joins in with the punching too. Hope the little girl is okay. Yes, parents need to sue for sure and call for the principals resignation.

    • Get some fucking glasses! It was a 14 YO black thug and the “little boy” was a little black thug! The only white in the video is a little 9 YO girl being beaten in a manner that could have killed her!

      The liberal media and evil Democrats are 100% responsible for this environment!

      Black culture is a cancer on America!

  5. This is exactly why I began taking my kids to school and picking them up. I had a bullying incident with my kids. I actually got on the school bus and lectured the perpetrators till they were in tears. Never had a problem again. The older, female bus driver was afraid of them, so she was powerless. I tried going through the school channels and none of them were willing to do anything even though they knew there were problems with these kids. My dad was a bus driver for 30 some years and I remember that he would discipline kids for swearing and using bad language. There was not the Mayham on the bus that there is nowadays. Many times kids know they can get away with all sorts of crap because no one calls them on the carpet, for it. Parents must do everything they can to protect their children.

  6. The black KAKA BEATING A WHITE GIRL, that how it should be, I mean blacks where ever they go or live they are really hated and they ask why they are being killed even by there own race

  7. Knew before I watched the video it was the culture that keeps on giving, the one that screams racism at every turn, demands we turn over “free” money, housing, education, jobs. They can’t help themselves however expect we the people prop them up. Disgusting 🤮 pathetic trolls. Bet this won’t make the corrupt news outlets, doesn’t fit the puppet masters narrative.

  8. It’s a jungle out there. Like it or not, the human species are different in race. Not just blacks, but every race. And culture.
    Some inherit violent genes. Look at the percentages of murder in this country.
    It’s not going to get better, but only worse.
    We are no longer a docile world. You see it every single day. Murder, rape and road rage. No wonder people are arming themselves. I Alway carry my Glock where ever I go. Thanks to my state, I’m allowed my 2nd amendment right. I will protect my family and myself if the need ever comes up. No one has the right to willingly harm another person. But I strongly believe in defending oneself.

  9. I’ll be surprised that this poor girl did not have a concussion. What did she do that lead to this beating, almost murdering. We’re her siblings on the bus too ?

    I don’t recall seeing this on the local channel this morning.

  10. I could see the national headlines now if the races were reversed.

    Two white teens charged with hate crimes after brutally beating 9 year old black girl

    It would be played 24/7 on CNN & MSNBC.
    But she was a white girl, so local news it is.

  11. It looks like the girl threw the first punches.

    The problem isn’t race but culture.

    Mete out the harshest possible discipline to the older boy. He was in a position to stop the fight. Instead he joined in and escalated it.

    • “Looks like the girl threw the first punches “?????

      You are irresponsible for saying that given the totality of this violent video and the documented history of bullying that this white girl and her young siblings have endured!

      Even if you want to highlight the “beginning of the video” you have to acknowledge that she was in her seat, the smaller black thug was turned back and crossing the aisle at her and the bigger black thug was the size of a small adult beating this young white child!

      Stop trying to soften the fact the we have a serious problem in America with violence from blacks! Statistically blacks are stunningly more violent than any other race in America!

      It’s a culture of hate, violence and ignorance that liberals exploit to their political advantage and things are getting worse!

      This should be considered an epidemic!

      This is an actual public health emergency!

      The news is filled with examples today, yesterday and every fucking day before and tomorrow will be the same!

  12. Seems like these videos all have the same theme. Wonder what that is 🤔

    Seriously though, I’m glad the mom is pressing charges. This used to happen rarely but since Biden got in, it’s happening more. Savages.

  13. Since the administrators refuse to take action, then it’s time to hire someone to beat the living-shit out of the offenders. PERIOD!

  14. If I were the parent, I would press charges for assault. You send your child to school for an education, not a beating! The District is wrong in not suspending the 2 students or expelling them out of that school. It’s not about Race, it’s about “No Touching & 0 tolerance for hitting policy”. The teacher should press charges too. Keep your dam hands to yourselves! Seems kids are out of control. Why didn’t the driver call for emergency help? She was 9. I’d also press charges on the District. Violence is out of control. It’s about time we have consequences no matter what color you are! Stop the race card. These kids were mercilessly assaulting her!!!!! I’d press charges. Expel those kids from school & let this be the example. We lost a generation & we need to blame Joe Biden for licking them down & giving no consequences. There’s no respect. It’s a pathetic culture we are raising.

  15. This is equity at its best dumb bastards.
    They have picture of those thugs! Hunt them down like dogs that are. Seems big is teenager what in the hell is that black thug doing.the bus with small kids. That is assault and battery with intent to kill. Thug needs to be sent away as an adult, then when he gets to prison someone beats the pure hell out of his black ass

  16. To you Black Animals that beat this 9 year old child.. you belong in Juvenile detention until you learn to handle your anger‼️ To the Mother of this child DO NOT SRND YOUR CHILD TO THIS SCHOOL EVER AGAIN‼️ Get a very good lawyer & Sue the crap out of this school district home school if necessary let them pay for it‼️

  17. Absolutely horrifying video in so many ways. The very SIZE of that thug viciously beating a little girl cowering in her seat…with another little boy joining in!! And none of the other kids trying to pull them off??? WHERE THE HELL IS THE BUS DRIVER? I hope the cops were called but bet they weren’t.

    Given that the girl’s mother had already been complaining of bullying in that school/bus and nothing substantial had been done about it, this is the time to make an example of so many adults responsible for letting the situation deteriorate to this. I don’t care WHO/WHY started this this. Fire and prosecute all adults and send these two male “ children” to juvenile incarceration. They should NOT be put back in with other children.





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