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Amid the growing allegations that election software used in multiple states switched Trump votes to Biden, a video has resurfaced that shows how easy it can be done.

The video, originally released by the New York Times on April 5, 2018, was shared on Twitter by former CIA employee and leaker Edward Snowden in July 2019.  The video was just retweeted this week by Meteorologist and U.S. Army veteran John Basham, who has raised serious concerns about voting software allegedly switching votes.

Watch the voting machine used in US swing states get hacked to rig an election. @Jhalderm, @UMich, and @nytimes demonstrate why every voting district needs an auditable paper ballot. Voting machines are *known* to be insecure,” Snowden wrote as he tweeted the video last year.

J. Alex Halderman, a computer scientist professor at the University of Michigan, explains in the video how the voting machines can easily be hacked and programed to switch votes.

Halderman said the only way to ensure a fair election is to use paper ballots, in all states.

Then, in conclusion, Halderman says, “If you don’t want to believe me, or every single expert in cyber security who has thought this through, then take it from this guy…”

He plays a clip of President Trump saying, “It’s old fashioned, but it’s always good to have a paper backup system of voting.”


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Halderman has pinned the original video to the top of his Twitter account.

“All states should be required to perform manual risk-limiting audits after ever significant election. Members of congress as diverse as @MarkMeadows and @KamalaHarris have proposed bills that would accomplish this, but were blocked by @senatemajldr,” Halderman said in a Twitter post on Wednesday.

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