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A video posted on Facebook this week shows dozens and dozens of illegal aliens leaving a McAllen, Texas Border Patrol processing center in the dark of night, papers in hand, with the majority of them pregnant women.

The video was shared by Tim Enlow, who has been sharing a large number of videos of the illegal aliens coming in through the McAllen area. The migrants are processed by the Border Patrol, then they are walked over to the Catholic Charities center where they receive food and shelter, before catching a bus or a flight out of the area to other locations across the United States.

In the video posted Monday night, Enlow explains that officials called the police, trying to get them to stop filming, but the police determined they were breaking no laws, and let them be.

Enlow was waiting with his camera as 68 illegal aliens were escorted out of the Border Patrol processing center and walked over to the Catholic Charities center… and he notes nearly all the women are pregnant.


The next day, Enlow posted another video, with the following statement:

“Watch as we follow another of Catholic Charities RGV’s vehicles to smuggle illegal migrants into their building through back door in alley at 111 S. 15th St. McAllen, Tx.

“After our videos of the last few days documenting them marching illegal migrants through downtown streets, the publicity has now caused them to change operations. Instead of walking the illegal migrants the one block to their “charity” building, they now back unmarked rental vans up to the back of the Covid testing tents, load up the illegal, undocumented migrants and drive them into alleyway and quickly escort them into rear entrance. My question is simple: If you have nothing to hide, why all the secrecy and deception?”

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VIDEO: Reporter exposes how illegal aliens are using’ loophole’ to stay in U.S.

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    • They all need to be sent back where they came from. They are robbing Americans who have worked like me all our lives!!!! We are becoming a third world country thanks to the Democrats and the shadow President!!!

  1. Send these women back. Sick and tired of them coming over here pregnant then their kids become a citizen and then they rape us for everything that they want free

  2. Folks this whole thing at the border is about replacement of blacks as voters and the blacks are to stupid to realize this!! The democrats hate blacks and always have in the history of this country! More blacks are starting to vote for republicans so they have to be replaced and tossed aside!! Wake black people your being eliminated by the democrat socialists part!!

  3. So sick of these Damn illegals, these Bloody woman know exactly what they are doing, we will have the child in America and all will be paid by the stupid Americans because we have a POS idiot in the White House.
    I’m so angry at what is happening to this country and I literally cannot stand any of these illegals invading the country at our expense and destroying the country.
    They do not care about the citizens here, all they care about is getting Handouts at our expense.
    They are sending these Bloody illegals into other States and making them take care of them, our Governor refused to have them, Said Our Children Come First.
    We are seeing the Down Fall of America because of the invasion of illegals.😡😡😡😡😡


  5. Talk about creating discrimination…and they will take our medical away from US citizens ALL THESE POLITICIANS NEED TO GO

  6. Am I right, didn’t George W. Bush want what he called FAITH BASED Companies to receive tax dollars for domestic services? The Catholic Church needs more members to survive along with all this Government money.

  7. As a woman who has had three children they evidently didn’t care about their unborn childs life if they walked all that way to get into this country. They’re like their child survived.

  8. All I can think of is the steep hospital price tag for delivering a baby. I think it cost me $3000 out of pocket with insurance coverage (80%) 20 years ago.

  9. When the government runs out of money and it has. When the taxpayers run out of money and the staples they need for survival and they will, what then? Will the illegals step in to help support everyone? No they will continue to sent 90% of their money back to their home country to support extended family. This is what they do.

    • You are correct!! These illegals get jobs in America and send their earnings back to their families south of the border so that they have the money for their families to come to American also! It is a vicious cycle that will never end now with more Democratic voters!! It’s all about the PARTY not anyone’s safety!! Americans are being played by this dictator in chief!

  10. Infowars has been at the border with their news crews and putting up videoes of what’s really going on at the border. Main st media no where to be found. Keep up the true news Info wars. American people need transparency.


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