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A Detroit police SUV plowed through a group of protesters in a terrifying caught-on-camera showdown — sending several flying off the hood as it accelerated through them.

The officer’s vehicle was surrounded Sunday night by protesters who claim it blocked a peaceful march against police brutality, according to witnesses.

The article goes on to state the following:

Chanting “No justice, no peace,” some of the protesters appear to climb on the front of the marked cop car — as it suddenly lurches forward, the video shows.

Activist Ethan Ketner posted the video on Twitter and Facebook, writing, “Detroit Police Department drove into 10-12 protesters including myself. Multiple people are going to the hospital.”

In the video, a swarm of protesters are seen surrounding the police vehicle, with some getting up on the hood.  The car lurches forward, then stops, multiple times, as some of the protesters still refuse to get off the hood each time it stops, while others tumble to the pavement.

The report says Detroit police later said the unidentified officer drove forward to escape after the rear window of his car was busted out.

In a Facebook post, Ketner wrote:

Detroit Police Department just ran straight through a bunch of our protesters. Myself and 10-12 others were struck by this reckless driver who somehow has a badge. Someone was trapped on the hood and eventually tossed as the officer swerved to throw him off.

These officers drove into our protest after we walked past their vehicles. They did not need to drive past us for emergency purposes because they had other officers on the other side ready. This was a clear act of aggression.

Multiple people injured because of this officers actions are headed to hospitals.

Another protester, Brendan Scorpio, tweeted, “I got hit by a damn cop car today for walking.”

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  1. Look the police officer was on a call. Just like the law (some people think it’s a suggestion) to move out of the way. This law applies to pedestrians as well in every state.

  2. Good ,you assholes shouldn’t be blocking the streets. Like a lot of other shot you idiots do blocking the road is against the law……oh I forgot that only applies to conservatives not you

  3. What are they supposed to do. Sit there, get ripped out of car and possibly severely hurt.
    Those punks are lucky that’s all that happened.

  4. Your not going to pull me out of my car and stomp me to sir, I commend this officer for his/ her restraint he made an attempt to shake them off the car by stopping and starting I would have just punched it

  5. I’m going to blow your mind right now. type in any 3 digit number then “new cases” on google. I did 587 new cases. Just try it. Any 3 digits new cases

  6. That’s what usually happens when you stand in front of a moving vehicle, especially a police car with the lights flashing!

  7. Good! The police car did not “plow through”. It was stopped & these morons decided to jump on the hood. Then they wanna boohoo about it later. Too bad, so sad; lol

  8. These people had it coming. The road is made for driving and not for protesting. If they are in the road drive through. Whoever was driving this car did the right thing. Now the whiners start their crying. Just stop you crybabies.

  9. I agree. The “peaceful” protesters had surrounded him screaming and yelling. He had his lights on and they wouldn’t move. So he moved them. Why in the hell should he just sit there and maybe be attacked for real??


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