WATCH: Video shows state capital’s ‘crown jewel’ trail trashed by hidden homeless camps: ‘Completely destroyed’

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An Austin, Texas, resident is raising awareness of the city’s homeless problem and its unseen impact on greenbelt areas.

Jamie Hammonds, an investigative filmmaker who runs the organization Documenting Austin’s Streets and Homeless, or DASH, shared videos Wednesday on Twitter, showing a homeless encampment in the Violet Crown Trail after roughly a year of neglect.

“It’s destroyed. It will never be the same,” Hammonds tweeted.

During the videos, Hammonds reveals the mounds of trash everywhere. He also remarked while filming that he saw cars, trailers, needles, human waste, and hundreds of homeless, remarking that it is “worse than a landfill.”

Hammonds told Fox News, “You can smell these places in the summertime. These large homeless camps. The trash and stuff that’s going up. There are probably 300 folks living up in the woods. Their trail has just been decimated and it’s completely destroyed with trash.”

He places blame on city officials for not taking care of the problem and letting it get worse. He said that people are being pushed out of the public’s eye into the greenbelt areas.

Hammonds continued, “The problem’s there, it’s just that people can’t see it. They don’t realize how many people are actually in the woods.”

DASH, DocumentingATX, tweeted Wednesday, “Violet Crown Trail Gains Creek Greenbelt. It’s destroyed. It will never be the same. Absolutely the worst encampment in Austin. There are cars, trailers, mountains of garbage, needles, human waste and hundreds of homeless.”

“I never let myself get too emotionally involved in films I am making or the people I interview. The violet Crown Trail has gotten me though. It’s Austin’s ‘Crown Jewel’ and big portions of it are destroyed. It’s heartbreaking. This is just heartbreaking, watching the wildlife dig through piles of garbage, instead of smelling nature you get human waste.”

“Gains Creek Greenbelt, violet Crown Trail. A big part of the greenbelt is destroyed. It can never be made right. It’s worse than a municipal landfill. Trash, hazardous waste, human feces has been dumped for so long it’s worse than a landfill.”

Real-estate agent Jordan Moorhead agreed, noting, “This is so horrible. The environmental damage from these camps is immense.”

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