WATCH: Was this the FIFTH 9/11 plane? Crew from United 23 revealing chilling details

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The captain of a United Airlines flight due to take off from New York’s JFK airport on the morning of 9/11 has said he believes his plane was intended to be a fifth aircraft in the terrorist plot.

Tom Mannello was sitting on the tarmac in the cockpit of United Flight 23 at 9am, waiting to take off, when air traffic control ordered all flights back to their gates.

Mannello later learned box cutters were found on a plane parked at the neighboring gate, and believes a ground crew assisting the terrorists got the wrong plane, thwarting any attempted attack.

The bombshell reveal comes from a documentary titled, “TMZ INVESTIGATES: 9/11: THE FIFTH PLANE,” set to air Monday at 9pm ET on Fox.

“There is a good chance that somebody was plotting to try to use our airplane as a weapon of mass destruction,” Mannello says in a preview of the documentary.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, four planes were hijacked by 19 Islamic extremists. The four planes crashed, killing 2,977 people in all. It remains the deadliest terror attack in human history.

The Daily Mail provided the timeline of events, including how the fifth plane fit into the timeline:

8:46am – American Airlines Flight 11, which had taken off from Boston and was bound for LA, crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

9:03am – United Airlines Flight #175, which had also departed from Boston 15 minutes after the AA flight, crashed into the WTC South Tower.

Immediately after this, United Flight #23 was on the tarmac, and ordered to return to the gate.

9:37am – American Airlines Flight 77, which had departed from D.C., crashed into the Pentagon.

10:02am – United Flight 93, which had taken off from Newark and was headed for San Francisco, went down in a field in Pennsylvania, thanks to passengers on board who rushed the cockpit and stopped the hijackers from taking out another building.

According to the documentary, four passengers traveling in first class on United 23 were “behaving suspiciously,” but none of them were ever arrested.

Boxcutters were found aboard the plane that had been parked next to theirs, and it is believed they were accidentally put on the wrong plane, and may have been intended for the four suspicious passengers on United 23.

“The chief pilot reported to me that they had found two box cutters in the seat pockets in first class in the plane next to it, which had a tail number one digit off,” Mannello explained.

WATCH the sneak review below:

Another preview from the new documentary includes an interview with Sandy Thorngren, who was a flight attendant on United 23.

Thorngren said after their plane was ordered back to the gate and the passengers all disembarked, the FBI interviewed the flight crew.

Thorngren said of the FBI, “They wanted to take us to show us a line up of people at the Port Authority. They got us all in a van, a windowless van. I felt like we were getting snuck into this van. And driven over to the Port Authority offices where everyone – I mean, gates were locked and guarded with armored military that had machine guns, or whatever rifles they were using. We were escorted to this one room with those double windows where you could see in but not out. And they asked us if we could identify any of the people that were behind that window.”


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