WATCH: ‘We Are Doing It Wrong’: Democratic State Rep Calls For Trump-Era Border Policy To Continue

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A Democratic state representative from Texas told an MSNBC host Wednesday that Title 42, a Trump administration border-enforcement policy that expelled migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic, should continue.

“It should not be lifted. We have an ongoing issue. And I agree with Mayorkas and their team and their announcement. We need to stop blaming the Republicans or Democrats. This is an issue that both of parties need to come together,” Eddie Morales, who represents a border district in the Texas House of Representatives, told host Jose Diaz-Balart about Title 42. “And Congress has really failed in the last 40 years in addressing effective immigration reform policies. And we addressed that back in May, and they still haven’t done anything. We need to hold Congress accountable, and that was my voice back in May, and it continues to be the voice. Can we do more? The White House can do more, and Texas can lead on this issue.”

The Trump administration used Title 42 to immediately remove illegal immigrants from the United States starting in March 2020 as a way to reduce the spread of COVID-19, CNBC reported. The Biden administration sought to end Title 42 in May, but the effort was blocked by a federal judge.

“We are doing it wrong by incentivizing human smugglers and cartels to continue to cross migrants through the river,” Morales argued.  He said instead, the U.S. should be charging those applying for asylum at land ports of entry.


Morales shared a link to the Daily Caller report on Twitter and wrote, “The conditions at the border haven’t gotten any better. It’s long past due for Congress to come together to act and pass meaningful legislation to address this crisis. Without that, nothing will change. “

“We gotta give this state rep. credit for be willing to go against his party and endorse stronger borders,” the Daily Caller tweeted.

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  1. Positioning! 2024 is coming, someone has an eye on the WH.
    Democrat is a Democrat is a Democrat… fiscally and morally on the wrong side of every issue.


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