WATCH: White House stonewalls Fox News’ Peter Doocy on Biden classified documents

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White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer questions from Fox News reporter Peter Doocy regarding President Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents Tuesday.

Doocy pressed the White House regarding Biden’s travel to Delaware after documents were discovered at his Wilmington home. Jean-Pierre stonewalled his questions, however, saying she refused to “go down a rabbit hole” on the topic.

“After the special counsel was named, but before the FBI searched, President Biden went to his house in Wilmington. What was he doing in there?”

“I would refer you to the White House counsel,” Jean-Pierre snapped.

Doocy asked multiple questions, and each time, he received the same answer.

Doocy asked Jean-Pierre:

  • “Do you think that the story was leaked by someone trying to bruise the president politically ahead a re-election announcement?”
  • “More basically, we know the president did it. Why did he do it?”
  • “In the president’s own words, he admits to having information that wasn’t his. Why did he smuggle it out?”

After parroting the same answer to each question, Jean-Pierre declared, “I will let the statement of the president stand for itself. I’m just not going to go down a rabbit hole with you on this.”

WATCH the exchange below:

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