WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg erupts after COVID diagnosis

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“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg slammed critics of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Wednesday after having COVID-19, saying it “will kill you.”

Fauci addressed White House reporters on Tuesday as he prepares to step down from his government post, where he reiterated people should get vaccinated and boosted, in addition to considering testing for the virus before gathering for Thanksgiving. Goldberg grew heated after playing the clip.

“Now that suggestion set… people’s heads exploded from outrage,” Goldberg said. “A lot of conservatives who posted about how much they hate Dr. Fauci, that they would rather get Covid than ever test again — let me explain something to you as somebody who’s just come off it again. And not a nice, light, you know, because I came off a tough a– [COVID diagnosis], OK? You don’t want to get this. It’s not funny. You don’t want this. This will kill you! What’s the matter with you people?”

NewsBusters editor Nicholas Fondacaro shared a video of Goldberg’s “eruption,” and mocked, “Whoopi blows a gasket at Dr. Fauci’s critics.”


The co-hosts of The View then launched into a tirade about why people don’t like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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  1. My household of 3 adults haven’t had one shot yet and we all got covid. My husband and son had cold/flu like symptoms a few days, I just had fatigue, little memory problems and lost my scent about a week is all. I wasn’t sick at all. We took vitamins and got outside in sun while we had covid. We rarely get sick with anything so we have good immune system. Sometimes shots won’t work or help.

  2. I’m sorry, so Goldberg got the vaccines, 5 boosters, got covid bad, didn’t die and she believes the vaccine kept her from dying…🤔. Uh…ppl that didn’t get the vaccine also didn’t die. In fact it has now been proven that more ppl died with the vaccine than without it. Only God knows when it’s your time. It is your constitutional right to get the vaccine if u want to, but ppl who don’t want the vaccine also have that same constitutional right. So…be quiet and mind ur own business.

    • And give her remdesever and she’d probably die, that’s how they all die. I lost 3 friends that way, I told them
      Not to get the the jab especially because of their medical problems . They’re all 3 gone now

      • I am so sorry for your lost. God told me not to take it nor my elderly parents we all got Covid from my aid. It took my 86 yr old Dad 4 weeks to get his strength back. My 83 yr old Mom just had a cough. I was the one who got it the worst. I was put in a nursing home because it went into my nerves system for 2 months. It felt like forever. They had to teach me how to hold my head up, sit up on my own and walk again but I’m doing good today. In fact all three of us are doing good. Covid hard on elderly and it hit my weakest illness which is neuropathy. I have multiple illness God was right as alway. No one in my family took the shot and we won’t take any shots at all. Please do the same. God is protecting us. If you took one shot ask God to forgive you and he will cleanse your body please don’t take any more shots. Blessing to all of you.

  3. That’s what may happen when we run ahead of God to save your own lives! You just may run into satin’s demons head on!
    I rebuke them all in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! God is a merciful God. Pray for His Mercy and Grace.

  4. I’ve had COVID three times. I’ve never gotten the vaccine. All three times were like having a cold. I did lose my sense of smell and taste the first time I got COVID. I still can’t smell or taste some things, but I’m fine. Thank God.

    I don’t knock anyone who has gotten the vaccine or busters – that’s your own personal choice and I respect that.

  5. My husband and I both had covid. We took the protocol recommended by the front line doctors and only had light symptoms. He was 79 and I am 77

  6. Not vaccinated, 75, had COVID with mild symptoms and survived. Whole family, two sons, their families, no vaccinations, and everyone survived. We all took ivermectin.

    • My 80 year old unvaxxed brother got it. We buried him 2 months ago. My 76 year old vax Ed friend died 3 months ago. His legs were so full
      of clots he could not walk.

  7. It’s the medical treatments for Covid that is killing people. And in some cases, already existing conditions that Covid accelerates. This would have been gone long ago if the medical companies had followed the treatments that frontline doctors used.

  8. The moral of the story is… if you vax you still get it and they are saying it is worse.

    If you don’t vax your symptoms are not as severe as taking the vax.

    You don’t have to worry about side affect

  9. Current new statistics say that the majority of those in the hospital with Covid and recently have died of it have been vaxed. Keep your immune system strong and your D3 up.

  10. I’m not vax’ed got Covid was mildly sick for a week. Caught it from a co worker who was double vaccinated and boosted. They all have had Covid twice and one of their family members died fully vaccinated and boosted.
    I just came out this week more people die who have been vaccinated.

  11. I detest the hate spewing dumbos. They all must be blonde and die their hair trying to make people believe they aren’t stupid. Apologies to blondes out there. People don’t like fauci is the same reason you say you all hate trump. Fauci knew these vaxx wouldn’t work & he DID play a huge roll in lockdowns. Now kids immune system is weak and that’s why so many kids are sick. And to the rino bimbo saying you’re friends with Fauci shows that you have no brains.

  12. Who’s the one that’s crazy?? She keeps getting Covid and she’s been vaxxed 5 times!!! She needs to work on her health, maybe a little less pot Whoopi and a little more Vitamin D, zinc. Get some fresh country air not that shitty city pollution. Maybe just maybe her brain may start actually thinking logically and clearly.

  13. She is pathetic! Everyone I know who died were jabbed and boosted. Try educating yourself Whoopie! That would be something new and refreshing.

  14. Whoopi, you really are the stupid bitch. I’m 64, with heart trouble, COPD, and I’ve just lately been diagnosed with siezures so I’ve lost my job for at least six months, and trust me, I want it back. I’ve never gotten the shot or a booster nor do I plan on it. So you keep on feeding the liberal assholes thier propaganda back to them, I’m sure their dying to hear it!!!

  15. You can die from the flu, upper respiratory infection, sinus infections asthma attacks or any other type of sickness. What your point!

  16. You see, it isn’t really “my body my choice” with these liberal nutcases. It’s my way or die way.

    Hey Whoopie, the shot kills too. You might not want to get that either. Try reading the information that’s been dumped by pharmaceutical companies that wanted to withhold the information for 75 years that had to be forced by court orders.

    • There was a recent post from another news source that 58% of the people who received the shot and booster died of covid. In checking recently, remember when big pharma tried to cover up the use of Ivermectin. It is a tier 1 drug on the 2022 drug list for insurance providers and has been around for years. But big pharma (hillary clinton was in bed with) wanted the big bucks from the vaccine. Ivermectin didn’t make they any money. That is exactly why they attempted to undermine doctors who were prescribing ivermectin. Tier 1 drugs have lost their patents; so therefore, are no longer higher priced. Big pharma also wanted doctors jailed for prescribing Ivermectin. The slimy weasel fauci was behind the entire thing.

  17. Oh and btw, more people that got the shot die from COVID that those that didn’t. And, the shot lowers your immune system so more people got COVID that got the shot than those that did not.
    So there is that.

  18. I heard to day from a front line doctor the Covid was an act of war. It was meant to attack the sell’s in our Lungs. That is why President Trump needed so many breathing machines in the beginning. They created the shot in 2015 but Whoopi doesn’t ever say that now why would they make a vaccine in 2015 when no one ever heard of Covid unless they knew it was coming!

    God protected my family while in the nursing home I met some 2020 first patients that will never see the outside of a nursing home ever again. This one man was like me it hit all his verve’s system and he can talk as well it was so sad. I even met a lady 101 yrs young doing well her lungs was weaken and is on oxygen now. Everyone is doing well except the one gentle man in his 60 who can no longer talk or move it was so sad to see. I give God all the praise and thanks for seeing me through eight weeks later Feb 8, 2022 I was release from the nursing home i enter in Dec 27, 2021. I still pray for all those who had stroke now the one man who body is just like a vegetables it just lays there he can move on his own at all nor talk. People did make it alive but there lives are forever changed. I don’t watch the View they are evil and never let those on the right speed without tearing them into pieces which is wrong. Last I knew we have a constitution that allows us to agree or disagree with one another. No one is above God and God loves all of us. Don’t let the left make you feel you need the shot or your not American don’t let them tear your thinking down. God created you in His image fight for what’s right within reason leave the rest in God’s hands.

  19. These women on the view are all trashbags. This show needs to be removed. It is vile, hateful and is not worth even a TV Remote click to get by the channel.


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