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Video footage captured the efforts of police officers who heroically pulled a pilot from a downed plane moments before an oncoming train crashed into it on Sunday.

The Los Angeles Police Department said on Twitter that responding officers “displayed heroism and quick action” when saving the pilot’s life after he made an emergency landing on the tracks.

The article goes on to state the following:

Someone can be heard in the bodycam footage yelling “Go, go, go” as officers dragged the bloodied pilot away from the plane seconds before the roaring train sent debris hurling through the air.


In another video of the terrifying incident, someone filming the training striking the crashed plane, Luis Jimenez, was almost hit by the flying debris, as parts of the plane were sent flying through the air.

Jimenez later tweeted a photo and said, “Debris from the plane that narrowly missed hitting me.”

@LAPDOVB @LAPDHQ @911LAPD LAPD officers are heroes, thankful for their bravery and valor. Wish you guys were hiring, I am 21,” he added.

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  1. No words for such selfless heroism! I got goosebumps watching! They were all so lucky. I hope the injured man is going to be alright. Back the Blue 💙💙💙💙💙


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